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The flamingoes are out

View of Glen Lakes from the Glen Lake Overlook

View of D. H. Day Barn and Sleeping Bear Bay from the...

Sleeping Bear Dune from the Glen Lake Overlook

Dune Climb

Rainbow water at shoreline at the bottom of the dune from Lake...

Don't go Sue

Together with Lake Michigan as a backdrop

Sleeping Bear Dunes

People on the dune slope

Beaches at sunset in Glen Haven

Guest house and General Store at Glen Haven

D. H. Day barn as the sun was setting behind the dunes

D. H. Day Barn after dark

We're in the northwest part of the Michigan "mitten"' about where the little finger would be. We're near Empire, MI and we're staying for 9 days. There is lots to see and do in the area. The weather has been great with temperatures in the upper 60's or lower 70's with low humidity during the day and 50's at night. The area actually reminds me of Cape Cod.

We started out by driving to Sleeping Bear Dunes National lakeshore. The park covers about 35 miles of the eastern coast of Lake Michigan. It was brought into the National Park System in 1970. We started out driving Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, a 7.5 mile drive through forest and sand dunes. We stopped at a couple of overlooks that provided spectacular views of the Glen Lakes, the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Lake Michigan. The Lake Michigan Overlook was one of 2 places in the park you could climb the the dunes. Here you worked your way down to the lakeshore and had to climb back up an extremely steep sand slope. There was a warning sign at the top that cautioned people about climbing down the dune face because you risk injury, or paying a rescue fee if you can't make it back to the top. Needless to say we didn't go down, but just enjoyed the view of Lake Michigan from the top. After completing the scenic drive, we drove through the historic village of Glen Haven, a town that existed from 1855 to 1931. It began as a fuel supply point for ships traveling up and down the lake. Charles McCarty opened a business and built a dock to supply the ships with wood. In 1863, he built the Sleeping Bear House that was expanded a few years later to accommodate travelers. In 1928, it was remodeled into the inn for summer vacationers. A General Store was established to supply the workers and like most company towns, the workers were paid in company coupons, redeemable only at the company store. There was also a blacksmith shop and a cannery that was used to can cherries in the 1920's. The U.S. Coast Guard established a Life Saving Station in Glen Haven area in 1901, that was moved to a location closer to the village in 1931. It was closed in 1931 and now serves as a museum. I headed back to Glen Haven in the evening to get some sunset pictures and then down the road to the D. H. Day Barn to see if I could get some Milky Way picots after dark. Since today was the Summer Equinox, I had to wait a long time for dark. With the bright moon, there was little too much light to let the Milky Way show brightly. I finally gave up about 0100 and went home. Lots more to see, so stay tuned.

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