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Schiele death mask; reminds me of the Ned Kelly one

Austrian surf music, complete with synthesiser!

Egon Schiele exhibition at the Leopold Museum

Back on my feet and ready to explore the city and museums and maybe music, I headed towards the museum district. As a Brutalism fan, it was a case of the right place and time as there was an exhibition focusing on this style of architecture at - the Architecture Museum. And yes, my ICOM pass ran hot again. After visiting the Brutalism exhibition, which contained a fair share of Australian buildings referenced, I went just next door to the much more popular Leopold Museum. Amongst the exhibitions was a knockout Egon Schiele show, with such as comprehensive display of work. Wow! I really wanted to explore more galleries but found myself quite exhausted from the passion of the art so it was home for a rest. Then, having been dying for some nightlilfe, I bought a ticket to some indie drama - a play entitled Jack Mormon; unfortunately there were only about ten of us in the audience. Then it was on to a bar for some Austrian surf music; in perhaps typical Austrian style, the first band, wearing 60s style shirts, seemed quite restrained except for a strangely included keyboard/ synthesizer player. Well it is Austria after all! Unfortunately, everything starts around 11pm or later so I only made it through the first band before needing to go home for some shut eye.

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