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Carpe Diem at Twin Mills RV

Welcome to Indiana (and end of Ohio construction)

Which way??? Fort Wayne interchange

We left the Interstate for Federal 20

Classic Post Office in Lagrange Indiana

The mire that sucked us in...

...and the tractor that pulled us out!

Carpe Diem at National RV Refrigeration

Mon, 18 Jun: A short drive, with major hassles...

Today gives proof that the adage that just when you thought things couldn't get worse, they do! Yes, it was that kind of a Monday.

First off, it was a hot nite. The outside temps. in Van Wert never got below 80°F and even with all our vent fans running it was hot and sticky inside. We ran our a/c until it was time for bed and we shut down our generator. We both got some sleep, but it wasn't the most restful of nites. So we were both a tad cranky from the git go.

We were out of bed a bit after six and took our time getting ready. Today's drive was a short one, and we didn't want to get to the campground too early as checkin wasn't till two. We finally got underway at nine sharp.

Sandi headed back to US 30 and we continued west thirty miles to Fort Wayne Indiana. US 30 co-exists with I 469, so we took that loop road north to the interchange with I 69. The interchange had more direction signs that we've seen in any normal place (see pix). We eventually found the correct ramp and were soon truckin' north in I 69.

Thirty miles later we exited onto US 20 west. Another twenty miles to Lagrange where we picked up IN 9 north to IN 120. A few miles west on IN 120 to the Twin Mills RV campground. That part of the trip was an uneventful 97 miles with an overall fuel economy of seven mpg.

Once at the park things got interesting! We were assigned a site and the closer we got to it the denser the trees got and the narrower the roads. We got to the site and drove onto it with some trepidation. The trepidation was well founded as Carpe Dien's dual rear wheels immediately got stuck in the mud. Ugh!!!

We called the office and they sent out the "guys". They looked things over and shook their heads. Sandi suggested a tractor, and they admitted they had one but would have to check with the "boss" to see if it was OK. Eventually they returned, with the tractor, and proceeded to pull Carpe out.

Eventually we were assigned another site that is drier and much easier to access. Sure wish we'd been assigned that one at the onset. Anyway, we're now set up in a 30amp site and running the air conditioners. Another hot day is forecast but as long as the power stays on and the a/c units continue to run we'll stay cool.

We had trepidations about going into that site and should have heeded that little voice in the back of our heads... Bottom line, no damage other than our egos.

Wed, 20 June: To the shop and back...

Yesterday was an early day. We were up with the alarm at six, and Bob pulled out of the RV park a bit after seven. It was a short 7.6 miles from the campground to National RV Refrigeration in Shipshewana. The drive was uneventful with Sandi leading the way east on IN 120 in Carpe Dinkum and Bob following in Carpe Diem. A left on IN 5 for 0.7 mile to National RV's new location.

We backed into an available slot and let Leon know we were there. Leon told us he was running a bit behind and would get to us around 0830 (our appointment was for 0800). No problem, Sandi rustled up breakfast.

Around 0840 Leon let us know he was ready. He opened the access to the basement air conditioning/heat pump and had us start it. After a very thorough check of all the voltage and amperage draws he couldn't find anything wrong. Until it acts up again there is little troubleshooting that could be done. He did caution, however, that the two starting capacitors were showing signs of aging and it would be prudent to replace them. No crisis, but put it on the list.

He then gave our refrigerator the same in depth check, and again found noting amiss. All that work and he charged us for only ½ hour of labor. We tipped him generously as he is a gem and deserves to be paid appropriately.

Back east along IN 120 and Carpe was quickly "re-nestled" in her site before eleven. All in all a very productive day.

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