Dunnett and Daggs Amazing Adventures 2018 travel blog

Headed off to the courts walking our way through the city that is constantly under construction .... a diversion or two guided by the Cone men for road crossing took us 20 minutes and we beat the bus ladies.

Big day as there were 3 games to be played. No clue on how we went but I know that there was definitely laughter and more laughter.

Took the bus home as we were heading out to Three Cows a lovely restaurant up the road for our Team dinner. Food was excellent Nd the company even better. Our AVSEC Flyers recruits ( AVSEC is aviation security based in Auckland...Rochelle, Celia and Mae) brought many laughs to the point of tears over the week and we are definitely hoping they join us in Hawaii.

Awards were given for the 3 days of Netball with Alex, Celia & Rochelle scooping the pool.

The AVSEC girls presented us with DOG our new search & rescue Sheep Dog complete with cape. DOG ( aka Heel - apt for Hinkler Podiatry sponsorship) came with the traditional green stone blessed with a traditional Maori blessing by Celia. She spoke to us in Maori and it was very beautiful.

From there we headed off the Sixty6 the hub for Golden Oldies where we used our free GO card full of bonus money to buy cocktails .... once that money was spent we headed upstairs to spend our Casino gambling money. $50 worth of $5 chips saw Mae, Tracey & I head to the roulette table. Tracey seemed to be the lucky one so I just begged the required $25 on black as she did after I lost my first $25. I pocketed $75 and played with the other $25. Proudly walked out with $75 free cash.

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