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A Mother's Day Treat! A glass of wine at the Chatea Bianca...

Some lunch spots are not as scenic as others! But it was...

This one is going to be short! I can honestly admit to being the most tired and feeling more exhausted than I have felt not only on this trip, but in a long time!

We got off to a chilly start. Mike's air mattress once again was completely out of air this morning (did I mention that happened the first night??) But he was a bit warmer this time camping. We had spread a silver sided survival blanket on the ground to sort of insulate us from the cold. So he was 50% better off than the first night camping! But he was rested and I felt rested so we finally dragged ourselves out of the cozy down bags and shuffled around in the wet grass to pack up. The wonderful thing . . For the first time since being in Oregon we woke up to sunshine! It made a difference!

We tried to get an early start to stay ahead of the weekend traffic we encountered yesterday. Shame on us for even thinking we should be on the road on the weekend! The roads are limited, it is the first 80 degree weekend day this season and its also Mother's Day! No exaggeration to describe yesterdays traffic as endless! Whizzing, racing steady line of cars all day! So we determined if we got up early we could get some miles in before it started. Well, we did manage to do that, but in the scheme of things is really made not much difference! At least the heaviest traffic seemed to be headed toward the beach in the opposite direction, but we had to contend with enough on our side of the road! And of course we climbed, several times!

It is Mother's Day and just as we reached the top of one climb, we saw a beautiful winery setting, plenty of cars parked outside and Mike suggested he buy me a glass of wine for Mother's Day!! What a sweetheart! So we stopped! Risked life and limb to cross the traffic . . . But we did it safely and it was very fun! What a lovely treat!

Yes, I know what you are thinking, a little crazy, but its Mother's Day and it was all downhill from the winery! We enjoyed the little break.

The rest of the day carried on much in the same fashion. Was it only yesterday we were complaining of fog and cold and getting off the coast?? OMG it was so freakin' hot today HOT HOT HOT! 88 degrees!!

We finally arrived at a really adorable little community of Monmouth, OR. We are exhausted! We tried to camp a bit further back down the road, it was a fairground but we couldn't find any one around or any way to check in so we moved on. We tried!

It was great to hear from all of my kids today, it wouldn't be Mother's Day otherwise! Have a great evening everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all of my wonderful mother friends!!

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