Rich and Cindy Ackman Alaska Trip 2018 travel blog


Liard River

Pelly Mountains

Muncho Lake

Pelly Mountains 2


Bighorn Sheep

Toad River

Liard Hot Springs 1

Black Bear

Whirlpool Canyon

Buffalo 2

Signpost Forest

Pelly Mountains 3

We arrived at Liard Hot Springs and had a wonderful dip in the Springs. The water is 127 degrees at the source and about 105 in the middle of the spring. They built a stair and landing area so you can get in the water safely, but other than that it is all natural. This place must be fantastic in the winter. It’s one of the hardest places to get an RV lot but we got lucky.

Great nights sleep an then we set off for a long days drive to Teslin YK. We wanted to be able to get to Whitehorse the next day. Great scenery and lots of wildlife as you will see in the pictures.

Well we’re now in Whitehorse and settled in for a few days. We have lots of planning to do for the next leg of our trip. We will be in some pretty remote areas and want to make sure we are prepared. Gasoline can be a problem up here. In the past 4 days we’ve seen prices from 1.31 to 1.95 per liter. That’s pushing 8.00 per gallon. The biggest concern though is the distance between gas stations. My GPS shows me where the next gas station is but there is no guarantee that they’re still open.

The odometer on the RV went over 5000 miles today and we have put 1100 miles on the scooter. What a trip!!!!

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