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The Sulphur Walk

Lake Rotorua

Boiling water!


Boiling mud

Rotorua museum and people playing Crocket

Government Gardens


This pool is at least 10 meters deep

Cool (really hot actually)

The Christmas Tree

Hot pool

Boiling mud pool


Sometimes a new crater opens up out of no-where


Steaming lake

Sulphur again

Monument of the 2001 local volcanic eruption

Looks nice

Huge steaming lake in Kuirau Park

Colours of the lake

Me at the steaming lake

The steaming lake in Kuirau Park

Colours of the lake

Colours of the lake

Hare Mai (Welcome)

Hope you enjoyed hot water beach, because this entry is full of very hot water! Most actually comes up from the underground and it's steaming and boiling. Take a look at the photos to see for yourself.

I have been busy taking in the smell, I mean the views, of Rotorua. The city is surrounded by geysers and hot pools and sulphur is everywhere. In the city center is a huge park, the Kuirau Park, full of these remarkable hot pools, and most of them are steaming and bobbling either with mud or water, and they can be very deep too.

The whole park exploded on the 26'Th of January 2001, and slung rocks and volcanic stuff 200 meters up in the air. Must have been quite a spectacular sight. Anything can happen at any time as they say. In the early days European arrivals to Rotorua visited these hot pools for their therapeutic properties. Bathers were said to have tied a rope between manuka bushes and suspended themselves in the dark brown hot and smelly liquid of the waters. During the 1930's local women would take their wash boards and do their washing in a hot water stream called Kaikoura which flowed into one of the hot pools of Kuirau Park. There was another pool by the name of Waiparuparu, or the Lobster pool (Lobby pool). It was called this because it turned anybody with fair skin red. :-)

Other than that I have been at the Lava bar meeting up with people from the Kiwi bus, which was fun! Met up with Maria and Christina from Copenhagen, and Jeff from England. Good night out.

Tomorrow is the 24'Th of November and I'll be in the cinema to see Harry take on Voldemort once again.

Thanks for stopping by again!


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