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St. Michaels

The Street of the Fishing Cat (Oldest in Paris)

Love Locks

French Flag above the Louvre

The Seine

At the Louvre

There's the Eiffel Tower!

At lunch

Forboding march of the Horse Guard

Blocked Intersection!

"the Donald" drives by

We find the Eiffel Tower!

We find the Eiffle Tower is closed BUTthe French Symphony Orchestra is...

Up and down for some breakfast – Alice sleeps in. Then back up and head out to our walking tour. Decide to walk down to the tour site and we head along the main road and see lots of Paris – deliveries, pickups, trash, smells… A different side.

We get to where we think the tour should be but realize we’re off by a bridge, and finally meet up with the group. Our tour guide is friendly enough but nowhere near as entertaining as the one from yesterday. After an architecture lecture, we head off through the streets and see “the oldest street in Paris.” – an alley.

Then over to the small island that made up the original city of Paris and stopped outside of Notre Dame. Interesting to see but not all that spectacular. Then to the Court of Justice and then across the river again – passing a mass of “love locks” on the way. We could also see the recently cleaned “Love Bridge” that almost fell under the weight of the locks attached – they had all been removed.

Then into the Louvre to look at the architecture and get a lesson on it’s history – then into the area of the entrance (big glass pyramid) where we took some pictures, then through the complex to the far end where the tour ended.

We headed off toward the Eiffel Tower (which we saw for the first time) and had lunch at a corner bistro. As we ate the French Horse Guard trotted past toward the Tower and I thought “Donald Trump is coming…” And he was…

We finished lunch and headed down by the river to go to the tower but were stopped by police who had blocked off the road. We headed down away from the river looking for a crossing point but with no luck. Then we went into the underground and got tickets, but they closed the line that went to the tower. So we went back up and back to our original crossing point and thought we’d make the best of it and waited.

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later the motorcade zoomed by – with Morcon’s car (two French flags) followed closely by the Donald’s (One French, one US flag). Once they had passed they opened up the underpass of the bridge so we headed off to the tower. We had already missed our tour so we thought we’d just visit.

Once we got there (a little lost on the way) we noticed fences everywhere – and Music! The French Symphony Orchestra was rehearsing (and cameras and such as well) so we sat and listened for a while before heading back to the hotel by Taxi. But even the driver was miffed as many roads were closed and traffic was worst than normal – but we finally made it back!

After a brief rest we went looking for a restaurant for dinner. We passed several places and finally decided on one that was not the Hard Rock Café and had dinner. Alice had Caesar Salad but it had a bug, so sent it back and got a new one. Not the best food but it was nice watching the street action while eating.

Then an ice cream and back to the hotel. It was a long day and tomorrow we head off to Spain – plus a trip to the inside of the Louvre if it all works out!

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