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Woke to rain after so many days of lovely weather. How lucky I've been, but things then started to go a little haywire. My taxi booked for 8 to get me to the station was more than 10 minutes late but not to worry, very little traffic on a Saturday. Ho hum Princess Anne is in town and many intersections were slow as under control of police. No worries I have my ticket and seat allocation. Eventually paid the taxi and made my way into the station with just 10 minutes to get my train. London train on platform 9 at 9.00. Moved onto the train but someone was sitting in my seat or so I thought. Checked tickets and guard came to help checking tickets. I was on the wrong train.i just hadn't thought that there would be two trains leaving Edinburgh for London at the same time and by this time this was discovered the train was moving out of the staion as was my real train on Platform 11.

Not to worry this train is going to London but to Euston rather than Kings Cross, still no great problem until I discovered that it was a train stopping at many stations and going via Birmingham and would arrive more than an hour later than my intended train. Guard was most helpful after pointing out that I had no right to be on the train with my ticket and found me a seat while he considered the situation. After about a half hour he came back and said that if I got off at Crewe and waited 20 minutes there was a train going through to Euston with only one stop. Then he wrote a very polite note for me to give the ticket collector on the next train asking that I be allowed to travel on my ticket as I had to catch the Eurostar.

What a relief to know that I had time to walk from Euston to St Pancras and all went smoothly with my check-in and on the Eurostar through the Chunnel to Gare de Nord from where I caught a taxi to my hotel which is in a quiet area it seems. It is an old building but just a little bit quirky with the room numbers on the floor rather than the door and a large very tricky key which I eventually had to have help with.

The hotel has obviously undergone renovation and my bathroom is very smart with two hand basins, no I haven't muddled them with a bidet.- and it does have a heated towel rail - great for the washing. Being ready for dinner I looked out my window to see a bistro almost opposite so took myself there, was greeted warmly sat at a table, considered the blackboard menu and once I'd ordered a chap at a nearby table asked "Australian?" And then "Odyssey?", (the company running the tour) so we got talking and I've now met David, the first of ten fellow travellers.

Time for bed and some planning for the next two days although I think tomorrow might be a rest day or at least a very easy day.. noticed an Artisan Boulanger right across the road so I'll look forward to my breakfast baguette.

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