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Carpes at Outpost Truck Stop

I 25 north of Denver

Washing machine flying lid
Or why airplanes fly. Low pressure lifts lid (or...

Welcome to Wyoming

Wyoming Buffalo Statue near border

A few miles farther north the real items

North of Cheyenne we left I 25 for US 85

US 85 is a wonderful road

Mon, 29 May: Memorial Day 2017! Our thanks to all who have served...

After almost two weeks at the Westminster CO Elks Lodge it is time to move on. We had a good time in the Denver area, especially Bob who got to hobnob with his stamp buddies. But enough is enough...

We were up early this morning and got things ready for the road. We got Carpe Diem started and moved her from her parking area to the middle of the Elks Lodge parking lot to connect our tow car, Carpe Dinkum. Once securely connected, brake & light checks complete, we rolled wheels a bit after 0830. We took local streets a few miles to Federal Boulevard (US 287), North on Federal to US 36, then east to I 25 north.

Traffic on I 25 was a tad heavier than we expected this time of morning on a holiday, but it moved well and in due time we were north of the metro (despite the inevitable construction). We continued thru Ft. Collins to Wyoming and then another seven miles to a Pilot/Flying J truck stop where we added 72 gallons of diesel. The price wasn't great, but it is EZin-EZout.

Bob took the helm at that point and soon we were back in I 25 thru Cheyenne. A few miles north of Cheyenne we left the Interstate for US 85, which we took north to Torrington. West of Torrington we pulled into a closed weigh station for lunch. Sandi took over again for the last fifty some miles thru Lingle and finally to Lusk, where we pulled into the Outpost Truck Stop lot. We'll spend the nite here and head out in the A.M.

Today's run was 238 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅛ mpg. It was very windy, mostly right in our face. Carpe behaved very well with no problems.

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