seaton trip to france 2015 travel blog

Clear the Promenade here comes Nancy

Market in the old city

Market in the old city


Having lunch in our "garden"

Having lunch in our "garden"

Having lunch in our "garden"

Our whip

John left his ballet slippers so I wore them to the beach

Today R/R, rented bikes and rode to the market and the old city.

Came home and had lunch, then went to the beach.

Not a cloud in the sky and the sea was calm today. Geeez I'm getting tired of this kind of stuff :-)

Seems that there are quite a few women who don't take care of their belongings very well, because they were on the beach and they couldn't find their tops! :-O

Getting ready for our last meal in Nice. We are going out to get a bucket of mussels....oh wait did I say we?

Nice has been pretty awesome. Nancy said she could come back here for a month.

OMG what have I started?

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