2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

Pictured on the way here - Trying to grow solar panels?

Sanlucar De Barrameda, got a front seat, (doesn't look it but it's...

Saturday, no one about before 9 am, so quiet thought it was another Spanish holiday. Not so, traffic was busy going east as we went west to Tarifa. We stopped there for cuppie, but it was very busy. We could see the walls of the old city, and we'll come back this way, stay on a site so we can get Smartie out and have a good look around, but today we pressed on towards Cadiz, stopped at 3 pm at the Aire here at Sanlucar, a huge sandy square which takes up to 100 m'homes. Luckily we bagged a space at the front overlooking the estuary. It's well in the mid 30's, got all the windows open and there's a good breeze + our 12v fan working hard to keep us cool. Just sitting watching the world go by until Blue has his dinner then we'll have a walk along the prom with him. May stay 2 nites as it's free, lovely view and should be fairly quiet.

It's illegal on Aires to get chairs/tables/awnings out-it's classed as camping behavior and not allowed, unless signs say otherwise. But I may be able to sit on a towel on the sand at the front without causing a problem tomorrow if it's as hot as this.

Will put some pics in, and say bfn until we get internet again. It could be a few days until we find a site in Portugal that has free WiFi, or "wifey" a it's pronounced here.

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