Spain - March 2015 travel blog

Petit Palace -our hotel

In the lobby

Funky chairs

In the tiny elevator :)

Looking down on the center atrium

The church bell tower outside our balcony

What a shower!

Steve chilling

Lunch salad

Steve's salad

Seafood paella

Sample menu at a sidewalk restaurant

Giralda Bell Tower

Spice shop

More spices


Cathedral exterior


Beautiful carvings

Model or a bride... Not sure

Torre del Oro - tower of gold built in the 13th century

On the Guadalquivir River

Outside the bullring

Snack attack



Narrow walkways

Hotel anyone?

This is the wet paint sign that I failed to notice

Nice fresh green paint.....

Cheers with local Sevilla cerveza

Giralda Bell Tower at night





Back to our room

Today we traveled from the Costa del Sol inland to Sevilla - our home for the next two days. Our hotel, Petit Palace de Santa Cruz - is located in the old Jewish section of town east of the Guadalquivir River. The GPS took us straight to the hotel, which is surprising considering the narrow one way streets that twist around like a tangled plate of calamari! Steve waited in the car while I checked in as he had to double park in front of the hotel. We were a couple hours ahead of check-in time, but our room was ready. We were able to unload the car in front of the hotel, and then had to drive several blocks to another underground parking lot where Opal shall remain for the duration of our stay! Back at the hotel, we grabbed the camera and headed back out the door to check out some of the restaurants we passed on the way back from parking the car. I stopped to adjust my shoe, and laid my hand on a freshly painted green wall outside the hotel. Back inside to find the painter with some paint remover. Once that chore was taken care of, we were off again to find a restaurant. We stopped at one called Altamira in an open square and had a very nice lunch of seafood paella. Then we walked toward the Cathedral and on down to the river. By the river is the bullring. From there we people-watched a bit, found a nice pastry shop and then sat on the steps of the church while we snacked and drank a diet Coke.

Back to the room, but we did not unpack as this room is quite small and we will only be here for two nights. We took advantage of the customary siesta with the window on our balcony open to enjoy the fresh breeze. This also meant that we got to enjoy the church bells tolling ever half hour - so much for a long siesta! So about 7:30 we headed back out again for the evening paseo (stroll) and to find something to eat. Tonight would be light as we ate our big meal at lunch, as is customary in Spain.

We walked back towards the Cathedral and stopped at La Tradicional, a tapas bar. Their Menu del Dia (menu of the day) featured any two items on the menu, plus any drink and any dessert for just 11 Euros. Our waiter, Carlos, was quite personable and we had a nice table outside on the sidewalk. For starters, I had sliced hard cheese and Steve had roasted potatoes. For our second plate, I had ham croquettes with a salad, and Steve had a Spanish Omelot. Dessert was rice pudding and chocolate mousse. Our drink was a great local beer. Very good dinner for 11 Euros each! Then we walked farther down to the Cathedral which was beautifully lit. We walked around the huge Cathedral which is the third largest in Europe and gazed up at the 330 foot tall Giralda Bell Tower which used to be a minaret where the Muslim call to prayer was announced five times a day.

After a nice stroll back the room, we decided to chill out and prepare for another active walking day tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures from today's abbreviated tour of Sevilla!

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