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The Queue For The Basilica

Geocache On The Tiber

Geocache By The Obelisk In St Peters

The Nativity Display In St Peters

On down to Rome today. I did take my bike off the back of Elsie to go for a ride while Viv cleaned & tidied up inside. Too many hills though so didn't go too far. Then decided to give Elsie a wash on the outside now that Viv had done the inside. So it was out with the bucket & sponge to clean off the road dirt that had built up since her last wash in Cannes.

I needn't have bothered though as it started to rain as we headed South & by the time we got to Rome she was well splattered again. We have several books of camp sites & camper stops which helps us find somewhere to stop each night. Most proper camp sites are closed at this time of the year so the camper stops or Sostas have been a great help even if they don't offer the same level of facilities as the camp sites. We are pretty sell sufficient so just somewhere safe to stay is our main requirement.

The Sosta we found in Rome is in the corner of a large motorhome storage yard & has electricity available as well as fresh water & toilet emptying facilities. The nice bonus is that it has a free wifi service. Only two other motorhomes parked beside us but we didn't see anyone using them.

After lunch we took the bus to the metro station & then into the centre of Rome. We visited Rome a few years ago so we have done most of the tourist places. This time we wanted to revisit St Peters Basilica in Vatican City so that we could log a geocache there. It counts as another country or state on our list of those that we have visited & also logged geoches in.

Good job we have already been inside the Basilica as the queue waiting patiently to go in stretched all around the outside of the colonnaded area surrounding the the courtyard in front. It was moving very slowly & looked like a couple of hour wait at least to actually get inside.

We wandered down to the banks of the Tiber & picked up a couple of caches in Rome itself just to keep our numbers up before returning to the site for the evening.

Mileage today - 94

Total Mileage to date - 1,556

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