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Snow scenes from the campground 1

Snow scenes from the campground 2

Snow scenes from the campground 3

Snow scenes from the campground 4

Snow scenes from the campground 5

This is how thick the smoke was most of the time we...

Many Glacier Trip 1 - looking over Lake Sherbourne at the peaks...

Many Glacier Trip 2

Many Glacier Trip 3 - traveling on up the valley

Many Glacier Trip 4

Many Glacier Trip 5

Many Glacier Trip 6 - now we are on the Swiftcurrent Trail...

Many Glacier Trip 7

Many Glacier Trip 8

Many Glacier Trip 9

Many Glacier Trip 10 - still a little bit of glacier on...

Many Glacier Trip 11 - Red Rock Lake

Many Glacier Trip 12

Many Glacier Trip 13 - more glaciers

GTTSR 1 - Lake St. Mary



GTTSR 4 - there has been five days since the last snowfall

GTTSR 5 - this was the only one-lane section today, only a...


GTTSR 7 - results of the Reynolds Creek Fire in the foreground




GTTSR 11 - we are near the highest point for the road...




GTTSR 15 - as we start down the west side, the scenery...



GTTSR 18 - approaching one of the two tunnels


GTTSR 20 - this is a tranquil Lake St.Mary on the way...

GTTSR 21 - another scene on Lake St. Mary


GTTSR 23 - from another spot on the lake

Two Medicine Trip 1 - the leaves are starting turn on the...

Two Medicine Trip 2 - open range - you never know when...

Two Medicine Trip 3 - looking towards Glacier NP from US89 outside...

Two Medicine Trip 4 - more color

Two Medicine Trip 5

Two Medicine Trip 6

Two Medicine Trip 7 - US89 is pretty twisty-turny except north of...

Running Eagle Falls 1 - some of the trail

Running Eagle Falls 2

Running Eagle Falls 3 - the falls

Running Eagle Falls 4 - this is what it looks like during...

Well it's been a couple of weeks since our last post but since we are leaving tomorrow, I thought it would be a good time to catch up! We really haven't done much but enjoy the cooler weather but the smoke did finally abate weekend before last (8/30-31) after a front came through. That gave us the first blue skies we have seen since coming here. It allowed us to head back into Many Glacier to hike the Swiftcurrent Trail about three miles up to Red Rock Lake and back. The Fishercap Lake is also off this trail so we stopped there on the way up and back to check for moose but still had no luck. :-( Everything looked much better under blue skies instead of gray smoke though the wind was still blowing almost gale force. Otherwise the day would have been perfect. The wind blows so hard here so much of the time that we have had to tie our slide covers down to reduce the flapping. A couple of days we even had to put the slides in on the side receiving the worst of it. Every gust shakes the coach so bad you sometimes think it will blow over, all 16 tons of her! Of course this makes the sleeping difficult as well. We have found that turning the air filter in the bedroom on high helps quite a bit.

This last Labor Day weekend we had another storm come through which dumped a lot of rain Friday-Sunday. This resulted in a good bit of snow deposited on the peaks which are beautiful with their new caps! The wind continued to blow hard until today when we woke up to the best day in the five weeks we have been here - no smoke, no rain, no wind, and lots of sun! We decided to take another trip over the Going to the Sun Road to see it again under clear skies and the remaining snow on the mountains. It was a very enjoyable trip and everything was crisp and blue, very beautiful. This is one of the most glorious places in the country - when you can see it! After returning from that trip, we headed south to Two Medicine and walked the short trail to Running Eagle Falls. It was a nice walk and good to get out of Libby for a while and just enjoy the stroll through the woods. The falls didn't have a whole lot of water running but it was still pretty.

Tomorrow we head back into Canada to Waterton Lakes which is the Canadian National Park on the Canada side of Glacier National Park. We will be staying there two weeks, mostly to see the elk rutting, but we also plan to hike a trail or two if the weather continues to cooperate. We will not have internet while there so the next post will be made in a couple of weeks after we get to Great Falls, MT.

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