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Roland and Juanice Myers

Sammye Cottle and Sue Sharpe

This morning Carolyn Nottleson helped me with laundry, sweeping leaves off my patio and other little chores involving bending and stretching. Then my neighbor, Ryan Million, raked and bagged the leaves. There were several large bags full. All this help was greatly appreciated.

Tonight I attended my Joint Heirs Christmas party at church. We had a potluck dinner and then played a couple of interesting games. Larry Seelke was our emcee. For the first game, he played a song by a woman telling her husband the sixteen reasons that she loved him. When it was finished, we wrote down as many of those reasons as we could remember. The most that anyone got were eight right answers. For the second game, he played bits of ten songs and we were to identify the singer(s). I didn’t do well on either game.

The big event of the evening was the white elephant gift exchange. It was different this time; instead of drawing numbers for our turn to select a gift, Larry had us draw a little slip of paper with the title of a Christmas song on it. He called them out alphabetically. Each person had to sing the first line of the song written on the paper before selecting a gift – or stealing one from someone else. Of course, everyone else joined in the singing. I ended up with a night-light shaped like a Christmas tree.

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