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our Italian farmhouse at night

the water is colder than it looks..........refreshing to say the least!

Tuscan hills

lots of farms, fields, grapes & olives

road in Volterra - this was a neat little hilltop walled village

amphitheatre hundreds of years old in Volterra

try walking these streets with 4" heels!!!

one of hundreds of neat little streets

shops are so inviting with plants and signage in the alley

home, sweet home for someone

Sienna Duomo - was the largest church in Italy in the 1400's

again, check out the detail - some guys can sure chisel!!!

painting and carving inside the Duomo

marble floor inside the Duomo only uncovered for two months each year

Duomo dome - say that with a mouthful of marbles!

the library walls were covered in wonderful paintings

this is just one panel of art done on the ceiling in...

This morning we went down to pick up our rental cars, which became a bit of an exercise in patience. Italians move at an Italian pace - slower, at times, than Mexicans!!! Eventually we were all loaded up and driving through the picturesque Tuscan countryside. The roads became narrower with many sharp curves as we went over, around and sometimes through many hills, each of them topped by a villa of some kind.

Many people have raved about Tuscany but we were surprised by how rural it is with many villages but very little retail in most of them. Several are strung out along the narrow country road with fields of grapes, olive trees, sunflowers & hay encircling each town. In the distance you can see more villages, more buildings and more fields of crops cascading over the hills. There is quite a bit more treed area than we had envisioned so it was fun getting glimpses of rural Italy as we drove through one town after another (oftentimes lost but also easily found!).

We have been having many laughs as we gather each night for wine and dinner after a day of exploring the villages and the historical sites in the local region. Today I (Wayne) stayed home as it seemed like a great idea to take a bike, provided by our resort, for a ride. Wow talk about getting the crap knocked out of me, as the downhills did not make up for the humungous hills that came one after another. Eventually I limped into a nearby village and picked up a couple of things at the store then didn’t come close to making it up the hill leading to our resort. I made my entrance pushing the bike up our driveway, gasping for breath and very glad our friends had gone sightseeing as they would have been hysterical watching me slink back into the resort!

An afternoon of sitting by the pool, however, felt very nice and I am looking forward to the resort Welcome Dinner tonight. This dinner pairs wine with each of the 7 courses and should be fun sharing it with our good friends.

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