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Going to RV service centers is not good for my blood pressure. Our experience here at Spartan is typical. We had a service appointment for 7am yesterday. We don't usually wake up until closer to 8am, but we were up and ready to go. There were many rigs parked around us. Some were visited immediately by technicians who drove them down to the service bays. After waiting an hour we left the keys with the receptionist and went out to breakfast. We also went grocery shopping and Ken got a haircut. When we got back from these errands the RV was still sitting right where we left it. They did not get started on our inspection until five hours after our appointment time. And by 3pm their work day was over.

It left me wondering why we had bothered to make an appointment. We never have to wait five hours for anything else, even the doctor. Ken tells me that once they start looking for problems, they have no idea what they will find and the many rigs that were taken at 7am were carried over from yesterday. Experience tells me he is absolutely correct and I was nuts to schedule the washer/dryer repair for the following day. It's cancelled and we will try again on the way home. But after they fix it I will not have a chance to make sure it really is fixed since we will go home directly from there.

As we waited and waited and waited we had tons of time to talk and bond with our suffering fellow RV'ers. EVeryone had an atrocious story to tell about things that had broken, gone wrong or burst out in flame. It was not an salubrious experience for someone who suffers from an overactive imagination and has a very vague understanding of all things mechanical. Comparing notes with our colleagues helped us to understand the discolored blops that are under the Diamond Shield coating on the front of the rig. No matter how hard we scrub, we can't get them off. Others who had battled similar problems found out that the small cracks in the coating let in just enough moisture for a fungus to grow. Some had paid $1500 to get it taken off and a new coating put on. Videos on YouTube give us the impression that we can take it off ourselves. A nice project for next winter.

Our 42 point inspection yielded a myriad of problems. But they had no idea why our braking system has brought us to a halt two times in the last six months. The emergency tech who rescued us last time cleaned a valve to get us going again and said it needed to be replaced. The people here have no idea what he was talking about. It drives me mad!!! But we do have many other things that need to be fixed that kept us here for another night. Better to take care of them here than by the side of the road. That's why we came.

The over air conditioned waiting lounge has great internet, weak coffee and a TV. Sadly the folks from the southern states got to the remote control before us so we have had to endure the fair and balanced programming from Fox rather than the inane day time programming of NBC. We also have to endure lengthy conversations from these folks south of the Mason Dixon Line about the evils of Obamacare and why we are paying for Bradley Manning's sex change operation while he/she is in jail. We are not even paying for his hormones, but the facts that these folks know to be true do not correspond to ours. We long for the days when the facts used to be the facts. The recent trial of the Nidal Hassan, the military psychiatrist who mowed down his colleagues at Fort Hood was also a discussion topic. Since it's obvious he was guilty why bother to give him a trial at all. @#$%$^^&&*())

If my beloved sister did not live in South Carolina, I would be changing our itinerary after a day of listening to this drawling nonsense. And the waiting continues. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

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