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Blazing saddles


Kangaroo crossing

At the Esplanade


Sunset over Cairns

Up at 7:30 and down to the hotel breakfast. Scrambled eggs, several sorts of meats, lots of fruits, chocolate Danish, and toast. Not too bad. Anyhow, we met our bus and were taken to “Blazing Saddles” for a morning of riding. There were six in our group, plus three guides. My horse was ironically named Jet – not the fastest horse in the pack. Or close… Anyhow, the guide was quite chatty telling us about his time in PNG, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, and probably several other places. Interesting stories. The ride was a bit over an hour through some woods, swamp, and a lot of sugar cane. A photographer showed up toward the end (we weren’t allowed to take our own cameras) and snapped a bunch of photos.

Back at the stable we were treated to tea, coffee, sausages, and white bread. Yum. And, of course, offered photos from the ride “with pictures of Australian wildlife as well!” So we bought that and Alice bought a crocodile bracelet with crocodile teeth attached.

Bus back to the hotel was uneventful – some interesting signs (“Don’t spread electric ants” – interesting image) and our first sighting of wild (or any) kangaroos. First just one then whole flocks of them eating grass. Must have been 50 or so. Looked a lot like deer…

Back at the hotel I wanted to go out and do some shopping but Alice wanted to stay in the room. And she did. I went out and bought a few small things (and saw some odd things – a kangaroo leg back scratcher – toad change purses) plus kangaroo skins for only $50. Lots of souvenir shops.

Stopped in at Woolworth’s – the fresh food market of Australia! Bought some crackers and cheese for lunch and some other stuff – including some laundry detergent and some snacks for Alice.

Then went for a walk along the bay – the Esplanade – large mud flat and a nice shallow pool. Very nice area near the docks. Ate some cheese and crackers.

Back to the room and did laundry in the bathtub – the hotel charges as much to wash a t-shirt as they cost in the local shops! So now the room is strewn with drying clothing. After that I headed off to the local mall to find a book on Yoga. I had promised Tony (from the village in PNG) that I would send him a book on Yoga as a thank you for his information on village life. Became more of an issue than I thought – Went to the Cairns Mall –like every mall in the US – and none of the three bookstores had anything (except yoga for pregnancy…) so back to the hotel.

On the way I say a new age shop – and, of course there were about a dozen of them. Bought one then off to the local post office. Stood in line to ask how to send it – then packed it up, addressed, and sent it off.

Back to the hotel to try to get Alice to head out to dinner (she wants to go to “Red Rooster” because she saw a TV commercial for it. I said we’d look – and she headed off to the shower. Nice sunset!

A bit later we headed out to set up the next day’s activities. We’re doing a train, cable car, “Duck” tour of wildlife and a cultural center – an all day affair. Then off to dinner at a seaside place – Alice had a Caesar salad and I had way too much fried seafood – not sure what some of it even was! Anyway then off to the souvenir shops and way too much stuff…

Back at the room. Up at 6:30 tomorrow morning – time for bed!

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