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How many people can you fit in a pick up?

This is how you walk your lizard

Giovanny eating a loaf of banana bread

I think his mom won't let him out?

Guayaquil is a dangerous city so I never brought my camera out. Despite it's reputation, the people are actually very nice. Lilly was taking photos out of the back of the pick up and a man driving behind us was gesturing to put her camera away. Karol thought he was afraid she'd drop it but I said no, when traffic stops someone could easily steal it right out of her hands. I remember that happening to Mike in a taxi in Lima. She put it away and we gestured our thanks. He just grinned.

Another time we were walking back from the river and studying the map and a man came and asked if he could help. When we told him the hotel name, he called another man over and between them sent us in the right direction.

The young people were coming back from their river cruise after midnight when a policemen stopped them and told them to stay together or take a taxi. Very nice!

We managed to cram 9 of us plus luggage into the back of a pick up as the 3rd one didn't show up. We enjoyed different scenery again on the way to Porto Lopez. Rice fields, banana plantations and small villages replaced the mountains. As usual, with every stop someone comes on and sells stuff. Today was banana bread and coconut balls. A few bought a loaf and shared the banana bread which was still warm and very tasty. There's no need to pack snacks for a bus trip as you'll never go hungry.

Our hotel in Porto Lopez is right on the beach so first thing on the agenda was to walk the whole thing. That took a couple of hours. Giovanny listed our options and the only thing we've committed to thus far is a tuk tuk ride to the national park tomorrow for some serious beach time. We've been on "vacation" now for 17 days and I haven't finished one book. We haven't had time and I keep reading the same pages over when I go to bed at night. lol

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