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Hay rolling down the highway

Sam enjoying the outdoors at our campsite

No matter where you go, you're always close to home.

Mural on a building

Watch Bird

Bob and horse at the campground

Lots of water coming over the dam today

The water runs this impeller that turns the turbines that makes the...


We weren't in any hurry to leave this morning because we only had about 40 miles to go to the next campground. We finally left around 11:20 and, after a stop at the next exit to get the truck and trailer weighed (we're a tad overweight!), we arrived at the Lazy Acres RV Park in Lenoir City around an hour later. We had stayed here in August of 2011 and it's evident the amount of work that's been done on this park since then. The roads are all paved and they've started constructing a pond. It was nice then but it's even nicer now. Got set up then back into town for some supplies.

On the way to the park, we cross over the Fort Loudoun Dam, one of several hydroelectric TVA dams along the Tennessee River. There is a lot of road construction going on and we later found out that the TVA doesn't want any roads going over their dams anymore so a new road and bridge is being built about 1/4 mile down river.


Today Bob and I went back to the Sweetwater Flea Market because: #1-I wanted him to see it and #2-I wanted to return the harness I had gotten for Nellie last weekend. After moseying around, we stopped for some delicious tomatoes at one of the outdoor stands then drove into Sweetwater to join up with Route 11 for our return trip to Lenoir City instead of coming back via the interstate.


We were supposed to be leaving today for the campground in Kentucky but Bob wasn't feeling too well so we stayed another night. Didn't do much more than go out and get a couple of geocaches and one Munzee.

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