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Carpe Dienm at San Antonio Elks Lodge
We are very close to all...

US 90 west of San Antonio

Loop 1604 is the "outer loop"

Negotiating a San Antonio turnaround
These are uniquely San Antonio and are very...

Dinner at The County Line

County Line Chicken Fried Steak

Good bye defective DVD player...

Thursday lunch at Rudy's BBQ

Friday we visited Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake earthen dam

Canyon Lake

Sandi with Clive at Canyon Lake

We visited historic Gruene

Huge onion rings at Gruene Gristmill Restaurant

Beautiful '55 Chevy at Gruene

Deer visits Carpe Dinkum near Canyon Lake

Wed, 01 May: Can you believe it is already May? We're heading to summer folks and todays hot and sultry Texas weather confirms that. But, be of good cheer, a cooling trend is on the way.

Today we "rotated our tires" by driving. After a week in the Escapees Hondo park we, along with the Davilas, headed out. Our "trek" was a mere 60 miles while Carmen and Domingo are heading to Livingston, TX, just shy of 300 miles east of here.

Our trip was along US 90 east to the 1604 (Outer) Loop Road and then local streets to the San Antonio Elks Lodge. We have a nice spot alongside a Lodge building with 50 amperes of electricity. Given the warm temperatures and humidity running the air conditioners is most definitely in the cards.

We arrived here shortly after eleven and were settled in by half past. We drove the car to Chacho's for another dose of their excellent fare. Then some shopping at Wal*Mart, Sam's Club, Finck Cigar, and now home.

We dined at The County Line BBQ for dinner. The menu was extensive and making a decision was not easy. But, when Chicken Fried Steak is on a menu and it gets good reviews it'll end up on Sandi's plate. Bob decided that two were better than one so he followed suit. We ordered the smaller "senior" size and still took half of it home. Yummy!

Thursday, 02 May: We spent today visiting with Jerry and Kay Todd. We sailed with the Todds aboard the Maasdam in spring 2010. They are awesome trivia partners and ended up sharing our dining table.

They picked us up at our coach and squired us about San Antonio. We lunched at Ruby's BBQ, which claims "The Worst BBQ in Texas". As with most claims, this was blatantly false. The BBQ was excellent.

Following lunch we drove to their lovely home and spent the afternoon gabbing about this and that (even some politics!) We returned home in the early evening tired and happy. A very small dinner for us tonite.

After the Todds departed we drove to a nearby Best Buy and bought a new DVD player. The one that came with the coach was giving us problems so we finally bit the bullet and replaced it. The new one doesn't have surround sound but we rarely used it anyway. The sound quality from the television is sufficient for these old ears. Installation was a minor hassle due mostly to the tight spaces in the equipment cabinet.

Fri, 03 May: We drove Dinkum 45 miles or so north to Canyon Lake. Shipmate Clive Swanstrom (Statendam Feb 2013) has his RV there so we visited for the day. Clive's Fleetwood was in a beautiful RV park near the lake with wild deer wandering all over the place (see pix of deer and Dinkum.)

After sitting and chatting for a bit Clive took us on a tour of Canyon Lake and the surrounding area. This is a beautiful area and a very popular San Antonio getaway. We stopped at the small (very touristy) town of Gruene where we dined at the Gruene Gristmill Restaurant. Never have we seen onion rings this huge (see pix). Clive not only drove us all over the place but even grabbed the check (Bad Clive!).

We'll be sailing with Clive and Curtis (he was out of town during our visit) aboard the Maasdam this fall. Great news!

We're outta heah tomorrow!

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