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A gorgeous town. A colonial fun shabby but chic place. Is to Nicaragua what Antigua is to Guatemala. Loads of bars lots of expats and the beer is so cheap!! Found the garden cafe for much needed fruit, salad, veg and traipsed across the rooftops of the churches and cathedrals.

Granada is set next to a great big lake with 350 little islands dotted around them. We spent the morning kayaking round the water lily strewn waterways spotting amazing wildlife, incl more monkeys. ( one is so keen to escape that he recently severed his own tail trying to use the power lines to swing from and has a tendency to jump onto boats if you get to close) the trick here is 2 kayaks. A much more pleasant experience.

Andy met another person who refers to himself in the third person ( prefaced most sentences with 'I'm Randy Fox') legend! So they got on like a house on fire. Lots of red wine and more meritocracy chat.

After an abandoned cycling attempt to a far off lagoon. Too hot, bikes to shonky, too far and too many bandit stories we decided to hit the strip again to double check it was still 80 p a litre of beer!! Busiest bar in town is the Irish bar Busy as hell and met an awesome couple another Irish fella ( as we were leaving andy had just finished convincing him to take the job as chef in the Irish bar for 6 months) and his bad ass American girlfriend with so much impressive body art that she was crowned head gangster in a bar in el Salvador.

Off to San Juan del sur now for big dog v surf round two. We've picked up another couple of buds for the ride who we bumped into the bar last night. Carrie we last saw bobbing around at meg and James wedding in Leicestershire! Weird huh. Sure it'll only b a couple of days before andy offends them and they sneak out the hostel in the middle of the night.

Big dog breakdown ( dragging this out of him is more painful than usual due to hangover)

Granada: Beer is too cheap. My head hurts.

A&b xxx

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