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August 11 Down on the Farm

Today was a travel day - about 4 1/1 - 5 hours from the summer house to Stockholm.

But first we had to finish packing and cleaning and help Uncles Pelle and Hugo put the boat to bed for the winter. The first part of this was a surprise - a wasp nest in the boat house! Uncle Pelle got rid of it and then gathered some cousins to help lift the boat. Mia, Thomas, Grammar and I made this into an Olympic event by moving chairs down onto the lawn for ourselves and by cheering and clapping wildly.

Grammar, Mia and I then walked to the canal locks and everyone else picked us up there so we could go to Stockholm. We listened to Raffi singing "Down on the Farm" 163 times on the way home. Grammar is a bit tired of it. I am not. (can you name a kid's story that has the number 163 in it? Send Grammar an email if you can). SF.

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