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Wildflowers, Northampton

If I can't chase them I'll stare at them

A broken sand dune being repaired, Port Gregory

View from Mungga Grabbe

View from Mungga Grabbe as well

Pink Lake - Port Gregory

Port Gregory

10 August.

I’m really getting into holiday mode now!! The biggest decision I had to make so far, apart from whether to eat the crumpet with ginger marmalade on it before I eat the one with peanut butter on it, was to decide if I should wear black or white socks with my sandals; at the end of the day I chose to wear no socks to avoid looking like a true git. Carol is really taking to the warmer temperatures as well. Not forecast to last though a cold front is forecast sometime on Saturday….

Glorious weather and I took the opportunity to point out to Carol as we were having our fish and chips at Port Gregory that we wouldn’t be doing this at home, a fellow traveller said “yes its -3 there today” Port Gregory is one of the many seaside specks on the map along the WA coast and if you are into fishing would be a great holiday spot, Gracie went for a wade and was interesting in some seabirds sitting on a buoy but her leash prevented her swimming out to round them up. Got back onto the beach and the first thing she does is find a decomposing sea bird and roll in it….

We stopped to look at the local pink lake, its pink because of the algae in it that is "harvested" when it "blooms" produces beta carrotine and used in all manner of concoctions including food colouring.

Driving back we diverted across country to Mungga Grabbe lookout and the view was quite sublime with vast expanses of green and yellow fields sown with crops overlooked by sloping rocky cliffs.

Dinner tonight is at the Van Park, the RSL put on a BBQ “with fried rice and everything” we were told so we will walk the 20 metres to the UC BBQ area….

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