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A 6am start - do you see a pattern here? -and breakfast on the truck as we headed back to Puerto Natales for more shopping and lunch.... the out doors is calling and it is over 10 degrees so good to go now. Back from my day out. Our trip down was pretty uneventful. Quite uninteresting countryside mountains in the far distance but our road was through mainly flat dry countryside with sheep and cattle grazing. This countryside is in the rain-shadow of the Andes so gets little rain, yet the ground is often wet... bizarre. Spent the night in a deserted village called San Gregorio which we presume was a thriving grain or meat export area. Lots of deserted buildings and two rusted ships on the beach - west coast of south America. Set up camp on a farmers land and had the pleasure of his three beautiful dogs to play with for a while and then the farm cats took over and kept us company for the evening a little black kitten made its way on to the truck much to the delight of some of our group. A really mild night and even the 3am venture into the bushes wasn't too bad. On the road again before daybreak to be at the free port by 7.30am to make sure we were on the first across the Magellan Straight. Lots of trucks also waiting. Only a half hour trip but enough time to get a few photos and have a very strong coffee. Arrived on Terra del Fuego one of my main reasons for coming on this particular trip and was most disappointed. The countryside was flat brown and nothing. Slept quite a bit - woke at the border of Chile and Argentina, it was an easy crossing they didn't check our bags although we had made sure that we had eaten all of our fresh food. So I slept read slept read and when I woke from one of my naps we were in the beginnings of the mountains and it is beautiful. Beech trees, three types and two of them in their autumn tones of red and yellow huge valleys with lakes and rivers just magic and everything I´d hoped for. Finally arrived in Ushuaia at about 5pm and quite a nice little hostel with the nicest staff you can imagine nothing too much trouble always a smile and quite efficient - love this place. 70000 people so quite large and set on the side of a hill so a steep walk into town downhill and a taxi back unless one is feeling particularly energetic. More of Ushuaia later

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