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New Mexico desert

Long horn cattle roaming the Fortworth Streets

Tim at the JFK memorial site - to the right of Tim...

As mentioned in our Grand Canyon entry it was cold, so just before leaving for our next journey which was to be north to Denver Colorado and ultimately up into Yellowstone National Park we sat down with a national newspaper and checked out the weather where we planned to go. Just as well will did!

The forcast was for blizzards and freezing temperatures, so we said "bugga that" lets go to Texas!

It turns out that the weather was bad - really bad. Denver got shut down for 3 days, people sleeping in airports with all planes grounded, people stuck in their cars on interstate freeways and basically a whole bunch of coldness.

While all this was going on we crossed New Mexico and arrived in NW Texas. Now travelling in shorts and T shirts with the odd complaint about the heat - I even went for a swim at our campground just out of Rosswell. However, we didn't get off completely clean, as we arrived in Forthworth Texas we found out about a severe thunderstorm warning which translates to flooding rains and hail stone the size of golf balls. Coincidentally "Gus" was running rough so we checked into a $35 / night cash only hotel with a bed that vibrated for a quarter.

Incedentially, Forthworth is a cowboy central. There is a part of town called the "stockyards" and it looks like a cowboy town from 100 yrs ago. Of note each day, twice a day, they open the pen doors and drive a herd of longhorn cattle down the main street. I can still here the cowboys herding them down the street "whhoopp petal". We had a laugh, it was one of those only in America moments.

We survived the night's storm but unfortunately "Gus" didn't feel any better the next day and we only (and I mean only) just made it to a mechanic. Later that day we had a new fuel pump, a service and $700 less (ouch!) and headed for Dallas.

The weather turned glorious, we found a very pretty campsite and things looked on the up and up.

Dallas was a short drive and we spent the day checking out the spot where JFK met his demise, hanging out in Cafes and sending off some postcards (watch your mail boxes!). For such a big city there is very little going on at street level - no mad cycling couriers, bustling lawyers with documents in tow or others things you associate with a big city.

This made getting around very relaxed and gave the city a laid back feel to it. We enjoyed it, the people all possess a certain southern politeness that is infectious and if we weren't relaxed before we certainly are now.

From Dallas we headed towards Houston and another top notch campsite. This one (Lake Houston) was very quiet and you could just feel that there was lots of wild-life around. Suzie spotted a bobcat in the woods and we both saw an array of bird life - in particular a pair of large woodpeckers doing a mating dance on a tree trunk 10 feet in front of us.

We decided to keep moving and our next destination was New Orleans.

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