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Another day of travelling today so not much to say other than report on the bus through to Siem Reap in Cambodia from the Thai/Cambodian border.

Things started off well, we got through the border quickly, with no problems but we should have seen the bad luck coming a mile off. Our 'air conditioned minibus'was supposed to leave from the border at 12 however we got told we would be leaving at 2.30 instead. This quicly turned into 3 so we just glad to leave.

The road was appalling at best. Potholes riddled the road, sand covered the windows and the bus couldn't go very fast in case it broke anything. It was also terribly hot and the a/c didn't really work. So all in all a terrible ride.

Thankfully the guesthouse we got dropped off at is a good one. Cheap rooms, own bathroom so it's not been all bad. Still we hope there are no other roads as bad as this one later on in Cambodia.

Day 14 complete

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