Anne & Tom's Argentina & Antarctica Adventure travel blog

Anne & John in the Rochester Airport

Heading out from Atlanta

Thunder storm over Columbia

Approaching Buenos Aires

Just before sunrise

The sun was very red - probably due to the volcanic acrivity...

Aran, the Classic Journeys greeter drives us to our hotel.

We departed from Rochester on Saturday morning (Nov. 5) and met Anne's brother, John in the airport. John was on his way to Alaska on a hunting trip. We were headed to the other end of the world on a hunting trip of our own, but not to shoot as John would, but to "shoot" pictures of the landscape, people, and animals with our cameras.

Our flight got us to Atlanta on time and we settled in waiting for the next long (10 hours) flight to Buenos Aires. Our flight plan was over Florida, Cuba and then over central and west South America. As we approached Columbia we encountered lightning (or drug lords fighting!) and turbulence. There was cloud cover at 35000 ft over Bolivia but the sun rose at 5:55 with a blood red pink from the Chilean volcanic ash. An hour later we were on the ground in Buenos Aires and experienced the quickest clearing of customs ever. As we exited from the baggage pick-up area wondering how to get a taxi to the hotel, a Classic Journeys driver, Aran, was holding our name. What a wonderful touch to be greeted at the airport!

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