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Outside Boulder City - If this is water - where is it...

Goodbye Las Vegas

Nevada desert mountains & valleys

Joshua trees again

Beautiful mesas

Into Arizona for about 50 miles

Arizona views

Virgin River Gorge

Virgin River thru the gorge

On into Utah

Utah mountains

So beautiful!

Seeing some snow

Heavy snow still in the high mountains

Glad we have the exhaust brake!

8% gives nice views


Home in Panguitch for a week

Well we waited out the wind & were able to leave Las Vegas with almost no wind. Leaving Las Vegas was a little challenging though. You may remember when we were leaving Elkhart, IN, Judi didn't like the gps directions to go thru Michigan so we drove thru Elkhart - no freeways - took us an hour or more. Well, this morning we followed the gps & instead of taking us on the freeways that were there it took us on Boulder Hwy thru Las Vegas - took us an hour to get out of Las Vegas. Judi felt vindicated. Ha!

It was another 3 state day. That's kind of hard to do in the West. It was a beautiful drive thru the deserts of Nevada, Arizona & into the mountains of Utah. We were blessed to not have any problems - weather or vehicle - & arrived in Panguitch before 4:00.

We haven't been in this area before so have lots to see. We'll probably take tomorrow to look around Panguitch & figure out somewhat of an itinerary for our stay here. So there will be lots more later...

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