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Sunrise at Marina Village

Unexpected delay - but a beautiful butterfly

Piney Woods of Texas

Tree growing is big business here

Logs become wood chips & poles

Wildflowers along the roads

Cute hay bale decoration at a farm we passed

Trees & more trees today

Sam Rayburn Dam & Reservoir - a huge lake

Beautiful trees ...

but not much of a view!

Toledo Bend Reservoir

We made it!

The view hasn't changed much ...

but the menu has! Every convenience store had these signs out.

Vernon Lake - drawn down for repairs but that doesn't stop a...

Lots of highway medium mowing back here

Moving from the forests to cotton country

Interesting round cotton bales

Boiled peanuts?

We have arrived! You enter between the bouys & across the levee

Check-in & the view as we arrived

The park & our space next to the levee

Views of the Mississippi from the levee on the other side of...

We tried to get an earlier start today but a low tire pressure warning delayed us. We drove into Trinity where we found a tire repair shop where we could actually park with the trailer. They were able to fix the tire right away & we were on the road about 10:15. Our views for most of today's drive was trees, trees & more trees! We were driving thru the Texas Piney Woods & started out on the Texas Forest Trail but they also grow a lot of pine trees commercially. We saw trees of all sizes & some plots that had been recently cleared (very messy!).

The trees were interrupted by a couple of huge reservoirs - Sam Rayburn & Toledo Bend. And we finally left Texas - after 3-1/2 days total driving time. But the view didn't change right away. East Texas & West Louisiana are very similar & tree growing is big business in Louisiana, too. But they call them tree plantations in Louisiana. Ha!

We did eventually get to Louisiana's cotton growing area - lots of huge fields of cotton. Some fields were picked & cleared with cotton modules along the edge. Other fields were picked but not cleared & others had been defoliated but not picked. We passed a cotton plantation & gin not too far from Vidalia that gives tours - historic & current - so we're looking forward to taking the tour while they're still processing the cotton.

We got to River View RV Park & Resort about 4:00. When we went to check in, the manager came out & did our welcome orientation immediately. But we finally got parked in our space, Callie walked (what a view from the river levee!) & dinner made. Tomorrow we'll finish getting set up & check out some of the area. More later...

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