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At 1:30AM I arrived in Coatzacoalcos (another mouthful) bus station. I do not possess a map or a smart phone or a guide book, so I wasn't exactly sure of my coordinates. To my dismay, the bus station doesn't have a map of the Republic of Mexico hanging on the wall, as a unprepared vagabond would hope. All i know is that I'd been traveling for over 24 hours, spent the previous night on a bus and 5 hours riding 1st class on top of a train, which I'll get to later.

I was exhausted, famished and dirty. To make matters worse, on long bus, train or donkey rides I refrain from eating and ingesting liquids in fear of potential gastrointestinal complications. It's either that or an adult diaper. Despite arriving late in the evening in a city that is known as "Zeta Territory", I just wanted to rest for a few hours, in a bed, and not on a bus, and continue on later on in the morning.

I walked to a few blocks from the bus station and found a decent "hotel". I rang the bell, woke up Jose and paid my 220 pesos w/o looking at the room. I generally look at rooms before paying. It didn't matter, though.

The room was run of the mill, standard for my sensibilities. I quickly began charging my cameras and changing into my silk pajamas when I saw a HUGE-ASS spider the size of a 4 month old baby crawl out from under the bed and into the bathroom. I am brave. I can handle wars, drug cartels, starvation, but I cannot deal with large spiders. I quickly changed out of my silk pajamas and redressed and packed my gear. I woke up Jose, Sr. Front Desk, and exasperatedly explained the issue. He assured me the spider would not bite me; "he is just a web-spinning spider, it crawls out through the shower". I had heard enough. I would prefer to stick pins in my eyes rather than sleep in the room with a HUGE spider.

I grabbed my gear and walked back to the bus station. By now it is 2:00AM. I waited for the 3AM bus to Cordoba, Veracruz, a 5 hour bus ride. This will be my second consecutive night on the bus. Things could be worse. I could be sleeping with a venomous spider the size of a Buick.

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