Anne & Tom's Italy Adventure 2011 travel blog

Traveling along Corsica Coast to Sartene


A formation

Sartane bell tower

The Mayor of Sartane with Luciano

Chris looks like the actor in "Burn Notice"


Walking up to the Campomoro tower on the hill in the distance


Looking out from the tower

The top of the tower

A panoramic view of the sea from the tower



Along the path back

Along the shore

A natural rock formation - what do you think it looks like?


Back to the van



To the ancient man-made rock statues

The Menhirs

Our group studies the Menhirs


The eroded face


To the ancient tomb

The Dolmen


Walking back

A wine and cheese tasting in Bonifacio


Some prize winning meats



Both red and white wine

Pizza chef

Entry #5 May 18, 2011

Our van drove us into the heart of Corsica from the coast where we stopped in the town of Sartene and met the mayor who is a good friend of Luciano. Our next stop was a tower, Campomoro, which was part of the defenses of the island. We had a commanding view of the sea from the top of this tower that was situated on a hill. We drove more inland and in the afternoon walked to the site of the Menhirs (Stantari) which are stone figures in the genre of Stonehenge. Most of the faces that were carved in the stone has eroded, but one had a faint image showing. We walked further to a stone structure called the Dolmen, an ancient tomb. Returning to Bonifacio, we had a wine and cheese and meat sampling. After that rather large "tasting," a pizza was sufficient for dinner.

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