Judas hung from a tree

Risen Christ amongst the orchids

Meat glorious meat roasted, BBQ, fried, frickaseed

Watermelon and mangoes

Confraternitas members in their capes

Preparing onions without Graeme's goggles

Takeout for the Hare Khrishna's

Easter and Antigua's 40 days of festivities have come to a glorious conclusion...street parades without end thousands and thousands marching in their purple or white or black robes...street paved with delicate sawdust carpets painstakingly prepared and quickly trampled underfoot...street beggars, handicapped infirm at Church portals or being wheeled along in the hope of attaining special grace or indulgence? Clouds of incense billowing across the town, the accompanying music usually big band tubas and marching bands sorrow full and broadcast over the radio and TV throughout the region, the devout mingling with the gawkers (tourists) and locals not following the celebrations and opening their stores on Good Friday as well as Easter Sunday....but unlike home no Hot Cross Buns nor were Rabbits/Easter eggs easy to find if available at all.....

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