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Elephant Tooth

Oatman, Arizona

When we walked into the store, look what jumped up to wait...

General Store

The Classy Ass

The Oatman Hotel - where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their...

Jackass Junction

Gold and....


Beautiful, big cactus

Beautiful painting and sculptures on sandstone (My brother would love this!)

Painting on sandstone

Stop, Ma!! I'm hungry!


Off to Oatman, AZ today to see the famous "wild" Oatman burros who roam the streets of this old-timey town, mooching food from the visitors. Last evening, I was talking with another camper at the park and she advised me to watch where I walked as I was walking around the town because one of the Indians who had a shop there was bitten by a Mohave Green Rattlesnake last year and spent quite some time in the hospital. He had unfortunately forgotten to look when he got out of his truck and either stepped right on one or it was under his truck. Needless to say, we were VERY careful!

Along the way, we passed Elephant's Tooth mountain, a mountain taller than the others in the area that looks just like an elephant's tooth. When we got out to take pictures, we definitely watched the ground where we walked.

What a neat old town with wooden sidewalks and lots of western items in the many shops. And, of course, the famous burros. These guys aren't really wild as you can imagine. Wild burros don't come into town to mooch food from visitors. Wild burros stay in the hills all the time and have little, if any, human contact but these guys were cute. There was one born last Sunday and he was just bouncing all over the place, so full of himself and having a great time while Mom looked on tolerantly. The shops have some beautiful items in them. I got a really pretty necklace and saw the perfect gift for my brother but since it was $175.00, we passed on that. After wandering up one side and down the other, we were ready to continue our travels.

One of the shopkeepers told us of some beautiful mountain views north of town about 5 miles so off we went north towards Kingman, AZ. Oh, that shopkeeper was sooo right. Again, how do we describe the scenery. Beautiful distant views through the valleys, sharp, steep mountain peaks. We were traveling Old Route 66 with all it's twists and tight turns and can only begin to imagine what it must have been like back when it was the main route west. There are several mines still in operation in the area but of course, you can't get anywhere near them to even ask for a sample!

As we neared Kingman, it was interesting to see a dirt lane out in the middle of nowhere with a street sign labeling it as such-and-such "Avenue" or "Blvd". And passing signs that warned about flash floods...out in the middle of the desert! I know people are killed each year because they might camp in a wash and get caught in a flash flood but it's just so hard to imagine.

Back to Needles where we stopped for dinner at Carl's Jr.

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