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Uranium mines used for treating rheumatism??how about radiation sickness:)

Grand Wash-pioneer passage way into "Eden"

First US geological survey team

Each family had their on orchard( one of a dozen or so)

Heavenly skies

In our campground

Gifford house orchard at the campground

Open range cattle Whoa up this buggy, Corky-man!

Sitting idly by while we stop on a dime!

Colorado River I-70

A dude ranch

Check out the size of riding arena

One of many Vail ski lifts



Eisenhower Tunnell-a phenomenom through the Continental Divide-11,000'

A few more Capitol Reef pictures have been posted with this writing. As we approached the Arches, Canyonlands, and Moab area, our eyes could not believe the traffic. Out of an estimated 400+ campsites, none were vacant! The Fat Tire(bicycles) race, the Jeep rally, and the Classic Car event totally consumed the area. Driving through Moab was like being in Gatlinburg, Tn during the peak of fall leaves changing. It just made us want to bolt; where can you go quietly and discreetly when you're dragging a 38' coach with a Tracker in tow? Where do you turn around when the streets are clogged with super tricked out Jeeps and oddly contrasting immaculate classic cars with a million bicyclists darting in and out?

I-70 east took us to a lovely town, Grand Junction, Colorado. It has been a productive two days. Corky worked diligently changing oil in the generator and the Tracker; replacing bad batteries in the coach; having the oil changed in the truck. All that equaled a chunk of change$$$$$. For me, I was able to get the monthly haircut and stock up on groceries, and get two watch batteries replaced. Eating out several times was our entertainment.

The plan is to continue east on I-70 ahead of the snow. Hopefully, we'll reach Denver safely. Sitting near-by, a table of fellow travelers recommended getting over the passes while the weather is still OK. We will heed their advice by leaving early Friday AM. Over the passes and down the hills we went! The country is very, very pretty. Ski area visibility parallels the roadway making snapshots a breeze. As soon as we arrived outside Denver the temp changed to a balmy 72 degrees-the warmest we've felt since leaving SW Arizona.

One of our favorite things to do is stop at each state's Welcome Center. During each stop Corky's customary habit is to do a tire check-heat, etc. What would be poking itself out of a trailer tire? A nail. Thank goodness little upheavals do not throw him out of sorts. The trailer tire was changed; spare put on; off we go to the next town to purchase four new tires. To quote Corky, "we have been lucky for three years with the "China Bombs"(they have a history of exploding). Just in case I failed to let you know- last week the Tracker experience the puncture of a nail! Everything concentrated into a short span of time may seem like alot. We feel fortunate that things of a routine nature is all that has plagued us the past three years! How could I forget the squeak of Mr. Penny Pincher? Ha!

Breezing across Kansas on I-70 is just what we need-low keyed!

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