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The Accademia Gallery


Amazing art history

View from Accademia bridge - one of only three bridges that span...

We met our photo guide, Mike, at 2PM and set off on...

The object was to poke around in some of the less crowded...

But to get there we had to pass the crowded places.

A sleeping gondolier

Anne composes a lovely shot in a quiet neighborhood.

Her image

Tom did this one

The Rialto Bridge

When it rains, they use these risers to keep your feet dry.

Masks for Carnival

An old statue

Getting a drink at a public fountain.

A narrow canal

Anne made this wonderful composition

While Tom photogaphed the fish


Cleaning the fish market floor

Tom talks shop with Mike

Another beautiful composition by Anne


A romantic gondola ride

Reflections - by Tom

Mike leans over canal to the right angle.


Two French Bulldogs

The narrowest street.


Bysantine influence



A cool window

Having a coffee at the end of the photo tour.

We had a lot of fun!


Excellent food

Off to listen to the music

St. Mark's Square at night - watch our video.

Home on the Grand Canal

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Venice at Night

Tom was so excited about the photographs he made on Tuesday, that he rose at 3AM (of course there was no more jet-lag now - right??) and began to "process" them which included selection, correction (if necessary), resizing, and placing them in order for the trip journal. He did finish in time to get another few hours of sleep before we rose to go to a delicious breakfast in the hotel at 8.

This morning we had tickets for 10:00 for the Accademia Gallery, which is a trove of medieval and Renaissance paintings and other works. We worked out a way to both enjoy this gallery, with the rental of one audio set and the use of description sheets in English in each room. Anne thought it was fun to see all the different madonna-and-child paintings - and the varying body style, dress, and expressions on both faces! And did they vary - all the way from very happy to downright grouchy! Another fascinating aspect was the inclusion of various saints and Biblical figures, as well as political figures and patrons who commissioned the paintings. The gallery is very large, with many rooms, and a progression through time and artistic styles. Titian and Tintoretto were well-represented along with many others. Of course, photography was not allowed.

We walked back and got take-out sandwiches which we ate in our room, took a quick nap, and went off again to meet Mike of "The Venice Experience" for a photo tour of Venice. Mike and his wife are Americans who have retired early to Venice. This was a private walking tour with just us, and we enjoyed it immensely. After three intense hours of back streets and interesting perspectives, mostly in the San Polo district, we stopped for coffee and wound our way back to the hotel.

After another rest and change of clothes, we walked to dinner at a recommended restaurant near St.Mark's where we had another delicious dinner. (Let me just say that nothing is inexpensive in Venice!) After dinner, we continued on to St. Mark's Square where small orchestras play outside cafes where famous and not-so-famous people have gathered over the years. We had coffee and dessert at Cafe Florian and enjoyed the live music (be sure to watch the video) before taking the vaporetto (boat-bus) back to our hotel and enjoying the view from the front. It was a fun and exhausting day!

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