Joanne & Daves round the world trip 2010 travel blog

Langkawi beach

See the dot in the water thats Dave swimmng


Daves new look! I think blue is his colour


View from Parasail

Such a hard life on internet on the beach

the look of terror!! I hated every minute of it!!! (parasailing!)

walking on a sand bar

water buffalo outside our kitchen


egrat bird that lives side by side with the buffalo

Langkawi is an island off Malaysia. Stayed here from the 31st October until the 22nd November.

We rented a little house two bedroom, living room and kitchen for a couple of weeks just ten mins walk to the beach. We totally just chilled out here. Bought lots of food veg, fruit, meat and went cooking like mad. Our day consisted of getting up squeezing fresh orange juice having big breakfast then going to the beach, after come home have lunch maybe go for a walk later have dinner with everything except rice. Rice was banned for our time in Langkawi.

Beaches were totally deserted nobody on them. Local people here were lovely got to know the owners of the house and our neighbours all very nice people. Everynight we had company in our little house the first time we saw them we didn't know what to do? Our little friends were frogs!! Everynight id catch them and put them outside but they'd be back in again the following night so in the end i didn't bother putting them out they'd just hop away around the house. Our house was right next to a padi field with water buffalo so nice view from our kitchen window.

We went para-sailing on our last day, as you can see from my face i loved it NOT!!! totally terrified. I was the one taking the photo and tried to smile but couldn't as totally terrified.

Overall Langkawi was nice to chill after all the touring.

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