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Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii! Our camper van was a great way to explore the island, so we could visit lots of beaches, and take advantage of the many snorkelling opportunities to see some colourful fish, and a manta ray whilst night snorkelling, as well as visiting a beach where some big turtles were happily basking in the sun.

We rented a kayak and took a trip out to into the ocean, there were lots of dolphins who swum very close to the boat, they even allowed us to snorkel very close to them in the open water. Trying to get back into the kayak in the open water was somewhat of a struggle (for some, who'd I'd like to add has never done it before) and a source of amusement for an onlooking boat owner!

We joined a tour to Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on the island. From the top, we watched the beautiful sunset over the island and later did a stargazing tour, the sky was very clear that night and was lit up spectacularly. There was another volcano on the island which had a constant flow of lava, we couldn't get too close to this as the viewing platform had burnt down!

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