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Leon Cathedral

Cock Fighting

Cock Fighting

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Cock Fighting in Action

The last couple days have been great.Yesterday, we went and saw the town,had a great supper,found a hostel,went from Juigalpa to Managua(one of the most dangerous cities in the country/capital) by expreso bus,then went in a pirate taxi across Managua(a pirate taxi is when the driver does not have a license to drive one).next we got to another bus station in the capital and waited for 2 hrs. for a bus to Leon.when getting to the front of the line a lady who lives originally in Nica but is married to a lazy man that she hates and has 3 boys in Austria to become a resident of Austria helps us and isn't letting anyone on till it is their turn to board.when at Leon we walk a couple blocks and find a hotel that fits all 6 people.Then we go out for supper which was excellent.Today we had breakfast at another restaurant and go to the information place to learn at dates and times of events. next lunch,ice cream and head to the cock fights where 2 roosters fight till one cant fight any more and sometimes 1 dies.The cock fights were fantastic.both roosters have a knife from 1 to 21/2mm long attached to the back of one of their leg. Because rooster have a claw at the back of their leg that are not the same length on everyone they cut it off and use the knifes to make the fights even.At these fights men yell and bet money on the roosters.You know if it is a fighting rooster if it doesnt have the dangly things on it head. Finally supper and the a shower:)


Well the cock fights turned out to be well worth it. The $12 dollars seemed like a lot of money but half price for the kids. But when we were picked up to ride in the back of a truck to a guys backyard in a corner of the city where he had a cock ring and little comida set up to sell food and cerveza it was looking up. We were originally told that this fight was tamed down to suit the tourists more so we almost did not go. We did no come here to be with a bunch of touristas viewing the world through the rose colored glass of an air conditioned bus. So to have the air conditioned bus to be the back of an old circa 1960 maybe pickup and to take us to the middle of nowhere which was anything but a place where tourists would visit. And then to find out the price included free beverages - beer, rum or pop - and hot Nica snacks, a very useful explanation of the fights, and a up close feel of what is a popular Nica Sunday afternoon. It was exciting, loud, dirty, great fun, and anything but touristy. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for some excitement and some real Nica culture. I can´t remember the name of the company who offered the tour, but we stopped into Tierra Tours who don´t book it but they got a hold of the people who do. Or you can also ask at Via Via restaurant. We were originally going to head to one ourselves but considering the price of a taxi and the effort to find one - like i said these are kind of back yard events - it was well worht it to take the tour. Even if you are one of those people who consider it barbaric, it is their culture and you can see real Nica´s how they chose to spend there free time and little free money.


Well Leon is a very nice town , but they were right , it is the hottest place yet. The restaurants we ate at are the best ones so far on the trip. We stopped in a tour place and had great conversations with the guy working there, he can tell quite the stories about his experiences living here in Nicaragua, i really enjoyed that. He arranged for us to go to a cock fight. It was great and well worth the money. Just the ride to get to the cock fight was worth it . The picked us up at our hotel , we hopped in the back of an old pick up truck and hang on. there was a bunch of tourists on there already , so the adventure begins with a whole new set of strangers. When we get to the cockfight it is in some locals back yard and you do all the stuff that the locals do at these events. They took us into the fighting ring and start you off with a cheer and a shock of rum straight and then the cock fights begin, the tour company , called Nicasi Tours was great , i highly recommend them. He explains everything about the fight, from betting to getting your roaster ready for the fight, to what the locals do . IT is very loud , the locals get right into it , the roasters fighting is good , but watching the locals in the crowd i think is even better. The tour guide provides you with knowledge, free beer and pop and tacos. Billy really enjoyed the free beer, i even had a beer, yes me, it was soo, sooo hot, why not. and that is what it is all about. You drink beer , bet on roasters fighting and hollar really loud. It was great fun, the girls were right into it. Hunter would be right up front where the locals would be standing and hollaring and shoving , but they never shoved her. Also the group we ended up with were great too, they would stand behind Hunter to make sure she didn´t get pushed by the locals. It is amazing the people you meet traveling and becoming friends by sharing the same experinece and how everyone looks out for each other. The girls had stories to tell these guys on the same tour as us and they couldn´t believe what stories the girls would tell. Our girls get right into these events we choose to do and get very comfortable with each group. it is great to see, good job my girls!!. Well when leaving the cockfight the girls were the first onto the back of the pickup truck and hang on!!. What an ezperience for $12 .


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