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Sharon & Rodg, our dears!

BLM Parking near Tucson Mtn.!

Beth gives gourd lessons!

A beauty!

Chris demonstrates proper technique!

Paul & Dalya visit (in Lake Cahuilla)!

Sandy, July 4th in Petaluma last year!

Neighbors & jeep guys give Howard a hand!

Sharon and Rodger, of MN and Benson, have been spending a lot of time in Tucson lately doing a bit more than their usual rounds at Costco and Trader Joe's! Doctors' appointments have become the focus as they deal with Rodg's upcoming, major back surgery which involves 8 disks fused, steel rod inserted in an approx. 8 hour procedure. Yes, this does sound more than vaguely similar to Bill in Denver's recent procedure and the good news is that after 2 months he has steadily improved, so the prognosis is positive!

We moved in tandem to a nearby, free BLM spot for the next 5 nights and got caught up on all the medical issues, our families, our travel vignettes,our "happy hours" and the mandatory shopping. Plus, found a really good sushi restaurant in the same shopping center as Trader Joe's! These are all good things!

An easy day's drive brought us into Yuma mid-afternoon on the 24th where we enjoyed two more nights of free parking, though this time with full hookups, a fenced yard, nice neighbors and terrific owners, Chris and Beth! We even had "meals on wheels" delivered personally by Beth who had prepared her "signature" shrimp cocktails called Campechana, served with Squaw Bread. She even brought all the utensils and serving bowls! Chris joined us after spending a day wrestling with a skylight installation on their motorhome. No offers of help came from Howard!

Beth, who is a gourd carver/painter extraordinaire, was conducting classes in her garage the following morning so we dropped by to view all the new creations. A few of her masterpieces have been submitted to the County Fair and should receive high honors, unless the judges are being bribed!

These dear people gifted us with our favorite cooking implement, a small electric rotisserie, which we had been coveting for years, so we decided to prepare a leg of lamb in their honor. A tad on the well-done side is being kind and I'm thinking we can blame it on Nancy and Don joining us for "happy hour" and getting caught up in the moment, but our hosts/guests politely gnawed away without too much complaining! Besides it's all about the good company, right!

By Friday the 26th we had arrived at our most beautiful site in the Anza Borrego Desert for an indefinite stay. Paul and Dalya had wrapped up their 3 months of dancing in Mesa and were en route to Seal Beach but bravely spent a few days with us "roughing it", often in gale force winds and providing tasty morsels and fine wine. Sandy drove out from Salton City for an afternoon visit and lunch in town.

We even made new friends! Howard was working on the electrical cable that connects the jeep to the motorhome and, in a perfect world, does the turn signals, lights, etc. Neighbors from "down the road", Bill and John, jeep guys, came roaring up in Bill's Wrangler and wanted to know what Howard was doing. They decided to stay and play for awhile and two hours later the electrical still didn't work but several possibilities had been eliminated!

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