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Bon At Favorite Stop - Boogums & Boulders in Catavina

Our Favorite Stop, Near Catavina

Guerro Negro, Crossing From Baja Norte into Baja Sur

Looking W From Road at Tentsite on Top of Dune

From Tentsite Looking E at New Neighbors(Closest House) & Alex´s Further Back

From Tentsite Looking E at Mountains

From Tentsite Looking S at Punto Lobo

Bon Settingup/Moving into Tent

First Sunset on Dunes

First Sunset on Dunes

From Road Looking at Bon & Tentsite (Ocean Beyond)

House on Dunes N of Us - Note Boulivard

House on Dunes N of Us

Yarrow & Nova´s - Casa Nova

Another Sunset - No Green Flash!

Heavy Surf on Beach Front of Campsite on Dunes

Heavy Surf on Beach Front of Campsite on Dunes

Heavy Surf on Beach Front of Campsite on Dunes

Heavy Surf on Beach Front of Campsite on Dunes

Tentsite on Top of Dune

View S Towards Punto Lobo From in Front of Dune Lot

Heavy Surf on Beach Front of Campsite on Dunes

Heavy Surf on Beach Front of Campsite on Dunes

Road Back to Back Lots From Dunes

View From Lot Towards Dune Lot - See Tent Mid Pic?!

Alex´s House From Our Lot

Closeup of Biggest Tree Trunk

Biggest Tree Trunk Ever Seen

House Made of Sand Bags Above Los Pedritos

Los Pedritos Beach Looking N

Sunset at Dan´s Home Los Cerritos

Friend Dan, Los Cerritos

Sunset Looking at Condos on Hillside S. of Dunes

The Surf From the Dune Top

The Surf From the Dune Top

The Surf at Oceanside

Los Pedritos Looking S. Towards Cerritos(Sandbag House on Top of Pointed Hill...

Moonstones House

First House on Dunes S. of Us

In La Paz we got a late start so instead of heading to TS (we did not know about 4 laner) we ckd into an auto Motel...designed specifically for on night stands!! Complete w/ condoms, over-the-bed mirrors and garages to keep vehicles discretely out of sight! Amazing. Blue (Bon's car) was a very happy camper, ha! She's never had a room of her own (garage) on any of our car travels before. A good thing now since she will be sitting under a tarp in hot TS weather for over a year.

We wheeled out onto the divided highway which enters La Paz from the S. and as we went we kept wondering how far the construction (which was underway when we last were here some 3 years ago) got. We had encountered lots of new bridges on our way S. from the border but nothing like this 4 lane, divided expressway to Todos Santos! It went the whole distance ending just a km or so before town proper! Incredible!

We paid our water bills and tried to pay taxes but the kind fellow in the office told us that if we wait until next week they are going to adjust the bills and we will save some $$. So we´ll wait of course. Tons of changes here as well. Many more tourist shops and minimall type setups. All designed for the influx of tourists which comes from Cabo daily. Not the changes we are happy to see. And then out to Las Tunas...visit our friend, Moonstone who has a beautiful, well proportioned and designed home. Lots of plantings, gardens, and just a very peaceful and unaustentatious setting, very unlike the rest of the gringo/foreigner housing now spreading everywhere!

Things here have slowed because most of the mid income people are gone. It looks like to me the influx of $$ has been a bit overwhelming...we´re not in Kansas anymore, Todo! Cabo and the rich are apparently moving up here, the tranquil life of yore is no longer. The wealthy who bring their trash, big vehicles, dune 4 wheelers, and consumer culture with them where ever they go (like a cancer) seem to be taking advantage of the lower land and labor prices so building and buying for them is a joy again. Them that has, gets continues. The rest of the world...the 95% who mostly live day to day...continue to struggle, and now are competing once again with each other for the scarce $$$ of the wealthy. Of course, in most of the world that includes Bon & I with our white skin and US passports! Ah well, we do our best camping on the dune and making our imprint as small as possible.


Three Kings Day in MX...on walk along backside of dunes we met Sandy Persival from SF/USA - she was 15 yrs in London (91 to 2006) in arts field. Came to TS @ '97 and is also a bit dismayed w/ changes.


The past few days catching up with friends, hearing the gossip, and trying to get used to the heat, ha! Never got used to the cold in MT and now our bodies refuse to adjust again I think. At least it´s dry here, altho we hear that they had a big rainstorm just after Christmas. Plants are all green and beginning to bloom more.

Met with our friend, Dan Kimple, who is the main guy here for the dunes properties where we are. He is also developing some land S of here as well, 130 plus lots. He says things have been very dead the past year, hoping to see some improvement in 2010 but maybe not til next winter season. He and partners are going to start advertizing for the first time in 20 years, hmm.

Today we begin trying to locate a place for car since we really only have a week before we head out again.


The past couple days we have met with Moonstone & friends (Jack & Christina) for fine fish dinner and good talk plus new friend, Sandra from SF...also good chatting. We are leaving our car at Canada del Diablo on the edge of town, just $1 per day and well protected (pay when we return to pick it up). Discussions with friends are pretty much a reflection of the turmoil...no one sees why Obama is being such a wimp and see major copout as a reflection of his true beliefs...center to conservative. So, really NO CHANGE, and in fact, going down the same disaster road for US and indeed, the earth and the majority of life here on earth, grandchildren be damned!


Getting up to BIG surf, fixing the last problems w/ fence, paying more water bills, and generally finishing our business in TS, and finally, repacking to store car and stuff!

We are really looking forward to hitting the road w/ just our packs...it has been very frustrating since last March having to live out of different groupings of travel gear and sedintary/living-at-home stuff. I was always losing things, misplacing things, not knowing where to look for whatever! Now we will have everything always in the same packed place and travel routine will take over.

Tomorrow will be busy day shutting down camp plus we are going in to mechanic, Guiermo, who says he can fix CV joint problem in just an hour so hopefully, this will not be a typical Mexican deal and will actually get done at least by 11 or so. Got to do all our storage stuff and get to the bus by 4 if possible to make it to LP and bus to Pichelique (ferry) - last one there leaves at 6 - or else it´s a taxi and mucho $$$!

This will be last message from Todos Santos I think.

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