Desert Storm 2009 travel blog

at the Olympic training facility

the Air Force Academy campus

the Air Force Chapel

inside the Protestant chapel

inside the Catholic chapel

inside the Budhist chapel

inside the Jewish chapel

admiring the 200 year old Torah

Denver airport looms closer

the most bizarre airport statue any of us have ever seen


This was Mark and Kathy's last day of the trip and we had a couple of stops to make before heading to the airport.

The first was to the US Olympic training center in Colorado springs. This 37 acre facility is on the site of a former military base and still has many of the old barracks that are used for housing star athletes 'in residency'. The facility specializes in swimming, weightlifting, wrestling, volleyball, trampoling, shooting, gymnastics and other summer sports. Athletes that are considered in the top 10% of their field can be given the opportunity to live at the site while training.

Our second stop was to the Air Force Academy. Visitors are welcome to tour some areas of the campus with others, such as the classrooms and living quarters, off limits. The highlight of the tour seems to be the chapel that is divided into separate areas for Protestant, Cathlolic, Jewish and Budhist services. As you can see by the pictures this is quite a piece of architecture.

Mark and Kathy concluded their 2 weeks and headed back to Orlando, leaving Russ and Kathy to get a day of peace of quiet.

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