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Elle crossing Lake Titicaca

Church in Copacobana

Church again

and again !


Bolivian lady


Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

Moi climbing up a big hill oh yes!

Well, a disaster has occured on the photo front!! I took my card back into the shop, and told them to do it again as I couldn't open the photos on the original CD that they gave me. The woman in the internet cafe said the disc was faulty so I took the card back for them to do again. They said fine, come back in 20mins. So we did. And they were going (in Spanish as Lucy was there) oh, senora big problem, we have LOST the memory card. With all my photos on. HMMMMMMM. Not very impressed. However, it appears that all the photos were on the original disc (see later ...) so not a major disaster. So Lucy tells them that they need to get me a new memory card. they say no its too expensive!! Too damn right , it cost me 70 quid!! So then they offer me a throwaway camera!!! Lucy is now shouting at them that my camera will not work without a card etc. They eventually said to come back at 4 and they would get a card for me. So we go back at 4 and NOTHING !! So I went back to the hotel and the lady at reception called the tourist police. 3 of them turned up and escorted me back to the shop where we (Lucy!!) went through the whole story again! They were arguing that I should never have gone back to get another copy done as they original CD worked fine ( it doesnt!!) which was a crap argument. They lost my card so had to replace it. Full stop. Anyway, the bloody woman starts crying saying its too expensive and the shop has no money. Finally, they said to come back at 9 in the morning and they would have a card. Lucy agreed on 256mb rather than the 512 i lost.

So next morning at nine the woman says here collegague has gone to get the card. At 945 still no joy. Rich, Vicky, Kev, the tourist police, me, luce, Paula and Nat are all piled into this tiny shop. The woman says to lucy oh the card was very old!! To which lucy tells her not to call her stupid, the card was only 7 weeks old. PHew all a bit much. The suddnly a guy turns up and hands me a 512mb memory card. Hoorah. The woman is bawling again so we all leg it out of the shop. Bloody hell !! A traumatic start to the day. Anyway, the upshot is, I have a memory card and a disc with all 500 odd photos on it but the disc is buggered and wont open on some machines. So no photos from the past couple of weeks unless I can get it to work again.

Well, we eventually left La Paz at about 10. Another drama occured this morning when 1 of the lads didnt turn up until 9am. The other 2 he was with had lost him when they ended up in a dodgy strip club (boys will never learn...!!) and by all accounts were pretty scared by the local mafia types. Anyway, all 3 safe and sound in the end.

So we left beautiful but corrupt La Paz and made our way to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titikaka. Its lovely here so am just going to relax for a couple of days and do NADA!! Here I have just discovered that my disc is not working again. Funny, cos I checked it at a different internet cafe in La Paz and it worked, so i just think its a dodgy one. Shame as I have great pictures of the Bolivian salt plains on there.

Adios for now ! Off to Peru tomorrow.

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