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Granddaughter #6 - She was dancing for Granny

We made stepping stones. Papa mixed the cement, Granny put it in...

Sitting back just stylin' while waiting in line for pizza.

Well, I had a nice long page written here and the software timed out and I lost it. Bummer. Will try to see if I can remember what I typed. (And save every few minutes!!)

I asked for the weekend off of Ron's birthday so we could drive down and see our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter #6 (aka DGD#6). We had a great weekend.

It wasn't so good on the way down -- the rain came down in buckets. We were supposed to pick up our new living room chairs - but when we got to the warehouse they had taken them out of the boxes. They seemed surprised when we didn't want to take them in a open pick-up like that. DUH!! We made arrangements to pick them up on Monday.

I had the addresses of a couple used bookstores so we decided to find them. NOT! One address was a residential house and the other was a strip mall with no sign of any bookstore. So we just went over to son's house and watched TV.

We had a super time playing with DGD#6. Her mom had bought a couple of stepping stone kits for us to make stepping stones with her. She made one for us and one for Nana and Grandpa John (other grandparents). She also danced for us and we played some games.

Sunday night we went out to pizza. The line was long so DGD#6 and I chilled out on the steps of a nearby shop.

Monday morning was sunny and clear. We hung around the house until the stores opened and then picked up some groceries, some craft supplies and then to the warehouse for the chairs. We insisted that they take them apart and put them in boxes as we didn't want to drive for 2 hours with them getting all dusty. They grudgingly found boxes and we tied them down and took off.

It was nice to get back to our little RV. We took the old chairs out and I vacuumed well before we brought the new chairs in. They looked nice and are very comfortable.

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