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What a wonderful day! Each morning we have had a bread roll and cup of tea for breakfast but today we were served muesli, eegs and hot chocolate, oh happy days! Our tour guide Julio set up an amazing tour with his old History teacher, Carlos. We were in for a treat as he doesn't normally take tours, and what a shame as he is a wealth of knowledge about Peru´s history, anthropology and archeology. It was a fascinating and long day. Funny thing is he looked so stereotypically like an archeologist! The walking stick and hat, and pondering gaze each time a question was asked.

We were to visit five sites, the ticket costing 130 soles or $70, plus the tour cost on top! But was well worth it as this was our first glimpse of Inca ruins. The first stop was Saqsaywamon (sexy woman!) a site over looking Cusco, some foundations containing 30 tonne rocks.

Then onto the Sacred Valley, it is located at two thousand feet under the level of Cusco. Through The Sacred Valley flows Vilcanota River. This begins near Titicaca Lake and it continues to Amazonas River, collecting some rivers from The Andean Mountain Chain.

It is one of the most beautiful places of archeological Peru, a succession of picturesque towns (some with beautiful colonial churches), Incan platforms and archeological remains, as well as roomy spaces where the best corn grows (giant white corn) of the entire world and it has excellent weather.

The Incas were great astronomers, represented in the entire agriculture valley by the constellations that they observed from the 'Mayu or Celestial River'. It has a route through the towns of:

Pisaq - The Inca constructions of Pisaq are admired because of the huge platforms that surround the mountain where the remains are located, all of the structures are made in polished rock, perfectly aligned.

Calca - It was an important town in the Pre-Hispanic period; it is reflected in the archeological remains like Huch’uy Qosqo.

Urubamba - The town of Urubamba still has some places that are from the Pre-Hispanic era, those were used to build the colonial constructions.

Ollantaytambo - Is one of the most spectacular archeological remains of Peru, for its multiplicity of archeological and the singularity of each one of them.

Chinchero - The chincheros market is one the most important in the region because of the great quality of the crafts they sell there. The qualities of these products are well known internationally for their excellence and beauty.

We ventured on an hours hike, at times pretty scary as the path wound around the cliff face; to a Llama, Vicuna, Alpaca farm amongst the ruins and churches. A truly exceptional and tiring day.

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