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When I was still working, I saw about twenty to thirty students a day. After writing all those passes with the date at the top, the current date was embedded in my mind. And the two days a week when I wasn’t writing those passes were obviously the weekend. Now that we are retired, every day is pretty much the same. When my mother was in the hospital being tested for Alzheimer’s, a common question that many health personnel who stopped by would ask was, “What day of the week is it? What is today’s date?” Seems like an easy question that anyone of sound mind should be able to answer, but as a retiree, I find myself wondering what the answer to this question is and then questioning how sound my mind still is. You might think I could at least get the seasons right. Well, we just spent all winter Down Under wearing shorts and flip flops and sweating a lot. Now that it is summer we spent the day driving past snow covered slopes wondering if it soon would be cold enough for the rain falling to turn into ice.

Not only was the drive to the Tetons made more interesting by the snow, but the GPS and I routed us through the mountains and poor Ken had to deal with 10% grades both up to the pass and then back down again. He took it slowly on the up side and let the engine brake us on the way down. Every so often he pulled to the shoulder and let the parade of cars stacked up behind us pass by. It was great to finally arrive in the flat valley that is Jackson Hole and see the Tetons towering above us. Actually what we saw was the rain clouds towering above us with bits of mountain bottoms hinting at what we were missing.

As we unhooked the Jeep and started to tour the main sightseeing road in the Tetons, the clouds began to lift a bit. Patches of blue began to give us some hope and eventually some of the mountain tops began to appear. Happy tourists joined us at many pull offs commenting that this was the first time in two days they could see the mountains at all. By the time we got to the tiny Chapel of the Transfiguration, which has a window over the altar facing the Teton range, it was really quite clear.

We are camped at Colter Bay within walking distance of the marina on Jackson Lake. Lodgepole pines tower above us giving off that delicious piney smell and preventing our satellite dish from finding the satellite that connects us to the rest of the world. From the marina we took a boat tour to Elk Island where we feasted on steak and trout and ate facing that magnificent mountain range.

And I heard a rumor that tomorrow is Saturday. And more rain is in the forecast.

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