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Drag Boat racer at Dexter Reservoir - 1

Drag Boat racer at Dexter Reservoir - 2

Drag Boat racer at Dexter Reservoir - 3

Mama goose and her escorts taking refuge in our yard during the...

These guys had so much trouble getting through the crowds and down...

This one greeted us at the door every morning

Out for a day of geocaching along the Fall Creek Trail

This one of two geocaches that we now co-own with our friends...

Coquille River Lighthouse (Bandon, OR)....another tough place to "work"

We ran into these cool Bikers for Breast Cancer while walking around...

After a couple of busy months at Lowell Marina....drag boat races (twice), 4th of July celebration, Blackberry Jam festival with annual Fishing Derby at the lake, etc....we have moved to quieter surroundings on the south coast.

Since we make a point of spending a few months in the Eugene/Springfield area every couple of years, it's become like a second home base for us. As always, we had a great time hanging out with old friends and making new ones. We've attached photos of a few drag boats..."098" is driven by one of our Oregonian friends, Andy Haavisto. Although noisy, we really enjoy the races. Unfortunately, Murphy doesn't share our enthusiasm. He spends most of the race weekend cowering in the bedroom.

This year, we had an additional challenge with three domestic geese that someone had apparently abandoned in the park. We affectionately called them Mama Goose, TweedleDee & TweedleDum. Mama sat on a nest of 10-12 eggs for about 6 weeks (through both race weekends). Of course, the two males (one Dad? and one Uncle?), were her guards. Once or twice a day they escorted her out for food and a brief swim in the lake. Otherwise she just stayed on the nest and they honked and snapped at anyone who came too close. In talking to some locals, we determined that these were African Black geese. They are not native to the lake and are not protected so we found a family who was willing to give them a home after the babies hatched. Unfortunately, the eggs never did hatch and most of them were broken so a week before we left these folks picked up Mama, the boys, and the three remaining eggs and took them to their property. It sure was quiet that last week. But we missed them. After the first few weeks, they relaxed around us and greeted us every morning. One of the males became so friendly that he would rub up against Scotty's leg and let him pet him on the top of his head.

We went geocaching with our friends, Wendy & Jess, and even planted two caches that we now co-own with them. We had been wanting to start one of our own, but knew that we are never in one spot long enough to take care of it so this was the perfect solution. Now we are notified via email when our caches are found and can follow the comments of the folks who discover them, but Wendy & Jess are nearby to take care of maintenance issues.

We took a couple of side trips during our to visit hosts, Art & Janette, at Carl Washburne S.P. near Florence and one to visit other hosts, Larry & Judy, at Detroit Lake S.P.

Now we are lighthouse hosts at the Coquille River Lighthouse in Bullards Beach State Park in Bandon. We are loving it. Scotty stays up in the tower and chats with folks that are interested in climbing the stairs. I stay downstairs and sell gifts and chat with the folks that aren't interested, or are unable, to climb them. This is the second shortest lighthouse on the coast so there are only about 25-30 stairs/steps up but still too intimidating for some people.

Last week we took a trip over to the Medford area and spent our days off with friends Bobby & Margie and my high school buddy, Sandi. It was too hot and we both played a lousy round of golf, but had a great visit anyway.

Next month we plan to visit the Wild Game petting park south of Bandon and play a little more golf so until then....take care.


Scotty & Kris

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