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We just fit, barely

View from our front window

Another view

Picture perfect

The prickly pear are yellow, orange and almost red


Some beautiful homes across the lake



Really cool moss covered tree

Trees with healthy trunks

J.C. is exploring

Very unusual, I have not identified it yet

Mr. Turtle sunning himself

Looking for a hand out

Unusual root system

Another unusual root system



Nice boats on the lake

Thousands of tiny shells


So many different flowers in bloom

Really nice park grounds


Fallen tree still growing


Do Not Climb




We had a number of choices of where to stay but chose Emma Long Metropolitan Park mostly based on cost. The history of the park sounded interesting. It was established by the CCC beginning in 1939. It is named after the first women to serve on the council of a large city in Texas. She set many firsts for women in politics, introduced civil rights ordinances in Austin, and served as an advisor for the United Nations. Her political career started in 1948 and continued until 1969.

The park is about 15 miles from downtown Austin. It is first come first serve for 20 sites. These sites have water and electricity and there is a dump station. Most of the sites cannot accommodate a 40 foot behemoth like ours. The park also has 46 tent sites, two boat launch ramps, lots and lots of picnic areas.

After pacing off several camp sites, we located the one that would work for us. It was lucky that the campground was nearly empty. Of the 20 sites only 2 or 3 of them would work for our size. This park was designed for Class C's and tent trailers.

I have to tell you, this place is wonderful. I have mentioned in previous posts on how much we like Terribles Lakeside RV Park and Casino in Pahrump, NV. Elephant Butte is also on our list. I think this one is right up there. Maybe even better. We will see.

The fees are $15 per night plus a one time fee of $5 each vehicle. So one week is $115 including the electricity. We have 50 amp service and water with a dump station. You can stay for 14 days within a 30 day period. There is a lot of grass, majestic oaks, ash and juniper trees everywhere. The site we chose is perfect for our southern sky needs for the satellite, and our air cards are working great. What more could a person want. We have a beautiful view of the lake which is about 20 yards from our front door.

The lake is very popular for fishing and water skiing and skidoos. I suspect this place will be packed on the weekend. Right now it is nearly empty. I am in heaven. It has been about 95 during the day and drops to about 63 at night. We are using both air conditioners which we rarely do because we usually have to pay for electricity.

We walked most of the populated areas of the park covering about 2 1/2 miles. Of course, there are lots of flowers in bloom. We will probably break out the kayak and paddle about a bit. There is a lot of sight seeing we plan to do in Austin. It will be a busy week.

It is 8:15 p.m., the sun is starting to set and someone is water skiing. Life is good.

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