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Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit - Cottonwood Campground - Site 16

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, South Unit - Cottonwood Campground - Site 16,...

Scenic Drive 1

Scenic Drive 2

Scenic Drive 3

Scenic Drive 4

Scenic Drive 5

Scenic Drive 6 - Wild Horses

Scenic Drive 7 - can you find the Elk buck - he...

Scenic Drive 8 - these are his does

Scenic Drive 9 - he had quite a rack!

Scenic Drive 10 - another doe further down the road and a...

Scenic Drive 11 - some white-tailed deer

Scenic Drive 12 - A buck close to the road

Scenic Drive 13

Scenic Drive 14

Scenic Drive 15

Scenic Drive 16

Scenic Drive 17

Scenic Drive 18 - a couple more wild horses

Scenic Drive 19

Scenic Drive 20

Scenic Drive 21

Scenic Drive 22

Scenes from our hikes 1

Scenes from our hikes 2

Scenes from our hikes 3

Scenes from our hikes 4

Scenes from our hikes 5

Scenes from our hikes 6

Scenes from our hikes 7

Scenes from our hikes 8

Scenes from our hikes 9 - this was formed by wind sandblasting

Scenes from our hikes 10 - as was this

The trip from the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park to the South Unit was a much better drive than the previous one. Of course, it was only for a little over 80 miles! The campground here at the South Unit is much larger and more crowded but we found a fairly nice pull-through by coming in about noon. As I said earlier, it has no hookups but we do have cell service. I can only use my computer when we have the generator running as the battery is about shot but we manage OK. We have been using our little Honda 2000 except when we are cooking and need the microwave or InfraWave oven. It is much quieter and only uses about one gallon of gas every 10 hours of use. After we got set up, which doesn’t take long when you don’t hook anything up, we went into the town of Medora which is just outside the park. It is a quaint little town and we enjoyed the short driving tour and also had lunch there.

A little later in the evening we went on the scenic loop drive and were able to find a few elk but they were about a mile away. I still included the pics though they are very small. We have also seen many bison but only individual bulls, no cows or calves and no herds. Maybe these are the old ones that have been kicked out of the herd? We also saw about a half-million prairie dogs. The park has several prairie dog towns and three of them can be seen from the scenic loop.

Thursday early in the morning we went on the scenic loop again. We were rewarded for our early start by sighting several deer including a beautiful buck. We didn’t see any more elk but ran into (almost literally) several bison. We then went on two nature hikes that gave us a good workout and incredible views. We can’t make up our minds if the park reminds us more of a shallow Grand Canyon or the Painted Desert. Doris also thinks the valley floor with the groups of trees and wide open plains reminds her of Africa.

Friday we head for Spearfish, SD where we will just rest for two days before going into Custer State Park for three days.

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