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Michigan H01 from Chatam to Autrain

Steve & the dogs at Lake Superior

Lake Superior shoreline

Mackinac Bridge

Frances & the dogs at the Mackinac Bridge scenic overlook

We have been in the north woods of Wisconsin and the Upper Penninsula of Michigan for the last few days and getting on the internet has the way what is the internet?!

No, no, not that bad, but getting wireless connections is not a high priority for Verizon in these parts!

The remants of Hurricane Ike have been sending rain into these parts with temperatures dipping into the 30's. A bit chilly! The weather has been hard on our solar system for power generation as the heavily overcast clouds have blocked those energy giving rays. Last night the refrigerator turned itelf off because the battery bank was too low. Today though is mostly sunny as we head south through the state of Michigan on our way to Lansing. The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn from brilliant greens to the equally brilliant reds and oranges and yellows. We drove by some of the shore line of Lake Superior this morning and the waves were really crashing on the shore, after effects of the stirring of the weather by Hurricane Ike.

Since our previous posting Frances has rejoined us! Thank you all for your prayers! The retina specialist she saw on Friday in Green Bay okayed her for travel. Contrary to the previous doctor he said that only minimal damage could accur between now and when she could have surgery correction back at home so Barb brought her up to the Wheelocks Sunday morning. (We have a suspicion that they didn't want to let her go!) It was nice to be a complete team again. It really does take the three of us to make the proclamation at the different capitols.

The Wheelocks were wonderful, we so enjoyed spending some time with them again. As always it was much too short. A very nice serendipity for me was a surpeise visit to my aunt and uncle's place in the UP of Michigan. I hadn't seen them in maybe 25 years and since we were passing by within 30 miles of their home I called and sure enough they were very excited to have us come by. It's kind of funny how subconsciously you expect everything from childhood to remain the same even though you know you have changed, but somehow they shouldn't. But Aunt Emily and Uncle Jim, even though older, were exactly as I remembered them. My Aunt Joan was even there visiting so we got a three fer, as Steve says. We stayed up late catching up on family news and happenings and looking at pictures and even did a storytelling for them as they wanted to know what we were doing these days. We left them some of our CD's and a couple of Hebrew Roots booklets. This morning they filled us up with apple pancakes and home processed maple syrup, yum!, and sent us on our way with prayers and blessings. What a joy those few hours were!

So far no mechanical problems!! Hallelujah and Praise Yahweh! We drove across the very impressive Mackinac Bridge and wished we had time to take the ferry over to Mackinac Island. I did find a fudge shop in St. Ignace that sold this world famous fudge and I shouldn't have but I did, I bought three different varieties. It's hard to pass up UP fudge!

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